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Best Milestone Birthday Themes

Your Guide to Party in Style

Best Milestone Birthday Themes

This article is for all the divas out there that are about to hit a milestone birthday and want to party in style. We’ve created a list of themed birthday ideas for you so that you don’t have to worry your pretty little mind thinking of them yourself. Whether you’re turning 18, 21, 30, 50, or just love having a theme, scroll down to get this party started.


What list of themes doesn’t feature togas? That’s right, none. A toga party is a classic theme and one that can never be overdone (unless you repeat the theme three years in a row). Dress to the Gods (or Goddesses), have a lot of Greek food, and add a lot of greenery and gold and you’re well on your way to a perfectly themed Toga party.


Live out your RuPaul’s Drag Race dreams with a drag themed party. Express yourself colourfully, flamboyantly, and elegantly and encourage your guests to do the same. Pay tribute to the queens, put on a show, and have a party that will never be forgotten.

All White

All white may be a risky look but you can pull it off. This theme is a little classier than others and looks amazing when everyone sticks to theme. White food, white decorations and white clothes and you have yourself a theme! Have your bleach at the ready because you are bound to be having too much fun on the dance floor and have drinks spilled on that white outfit...probably more than once!


Another classy theme – channel your inner Fergie with a G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S theme. Add a lot of gold detail, sequins, balloons, cocktails, and champagne and you’ll feel like you’re at an Oscar’s after party.

Seventies, Eighties & Nineties

Depending on what era you were born in, create a 70’s/80’s/90’s theme. Put up a disco ball, wear bright colours, or go for a more chilled hippy theme. There are endless opportunities for these era themed birthdays. We also suggest buying a bunch of cheap disposable cameras and handing them out to guests on the night so that you end up with a plethora of party photos to cherish forever.


On Wednesday’s we wear pink. Get your Mean Girls on with an all pink theme. It’s pretty simple - everything has to be pink. Pink dresses, pink drinks, pink cupcakes, pink balloons, and of course pink nails. If you don't wear pink... you can't sit with us.


Last but not least, the most popular themed birthday – the Hawaiian theme. Don’t be disappointed though because this theme can be done in many different ways. Generalise it to be a tropical theme and have a pool party or add a tiki bar to the mix. Create a range of tropical themed cocktails and you’ve got yourself a party. Aloha, piña coladas are calling!

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