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Ultimate Xmas Party Guide

How To Throw The Ultimate At-Home Christmas Party

Ultimate Xmas Party Guide

Christmas parties. They can be wild, crazy, hilarious, and down right mad to organise if you don't know how to do it. There's all the decorating, the preparation, the cooking and, of course, the clean up afterwards - So if you've never hosted a big party before, it can all seem a little bit overwhelming. Whether you're a party person or you're just looking to celebrate Christmas with your nearest and dearest friends, hosting a Christmas party is an absolute must, so we've made it easy for you, with ten steps on throwing a totally unforgettable Christmas party for all of your friends!

Decorate, Decorate, Decorate

Most people will have already decorated their houses for the Christmas season, but if you haven't yet and you're planning on throwing a Christmas party, you better get some tinsel and lights up. Decorations can take any space (and any event) from a one to a ten, and while you don't need to throw tinsel over every couch and blind people with Christmas lights, having some cute, carefully placed decorative items will easily help to make the whole space feel that little bit more festive when everyone comes over! Oh, and don't forget a tree - It is Christmas after all!

Break Out The Booze

What's a Christmas party without a little bit (or a lot) of alcohol? Christmas parties provide a super convenient reason for you to practice your cocktail-making skills (and try out new creations you haven't made before), and if you're willing to put a little time and money into it you can come up with some seriously amazing creations. Grab some ice cubes, some fruit and a bottle of your favourite wine (we suggest Rosé), and make frozen cocktails... We guarantee it will put you at the top of the next party list. Plus, they're super tasty and perfect for Australian Summer, so why not?

Create A Kick-Ass Christmas Song Playlist

Hold the decorations for a second - Hosting a Christmas party without Christmas music is like hosting a Birthday party without a Birthday cake, so before you even start decorating your space, you better make sure you've got that kick-ass Christmas song playlist down pat. We're talking Jingle Bells, Rudolph, Jingle Bell Rock and Santa Claus Is Coming To Town - When it comes to Christmas parties, you better not forget the music!

Get Your Chef On

Apart from opening presents on Christmas morning, what's our favourite part of Christmas Day? The food! Christmas is the time to show off your cooking skills to all of your closest friends and family, and there's no better time to do it than at your annual Christmas party. Break out your baking pans, your rolling pins, your slow cooker and all of your piping bags then dive into your nearest Christmas cookbook (or onto your nearest computer), and whip up a sugary storm that people will love you for! Don't want to cook a Christmas meal for forty people? Organise some nibbles and then ask people to bring a share plate!

Invite Plenty Of People

This one is pretty obvious - But you can't have a party without people, so make sure you invite everyone! When it comes to Christmas parties it's always the more, the merrier, so don't be afraid to go big and send those FaceBook event invitations to everyone on your friends list. Sure, you don't have to invite your weird uncle who lives an hour away or that kind of annoying person you went to school with forever ago, but don't be stingy on the invitations - After all, a party without people is just sad! And when is there a better time than Christmas to go big or go home?

Plan In Advance

Whether you're a party professional or you've never thrown an event in your life, planning your Christmas party (and planning in advance) is super important. If you're not a paper person, you don't have to break out a notebook and pen (yes, you can totally stick to Apple lists), but breaking down each element of your party will make the whole thing much more manageable, and it'll help to make sure that everything is bought and prepared on time!

Create (Or Buy) A Photo Booth

Pictures are a super fun way to remember what happened at your Christmas party (and super helpful when you can't remember what happened the next morning!), and they're even better when cute props are involved - So why not make a super cute photo booth for the occasion? All you need is a photo frame or a big piece of cardboard, some paint, some glitter and some props, and you have the perfect place for your Christmas party Insta-shot (you know, the one that makes everyone jealous of the good time you're having)! If you don't want to spend the time making it - or you'd rather just leave it to a pro - You can always buy one in advance. Just make sure you place it where people will want to use it, then watch the memories happen!

Decide On A Theme

You know that Christmas sweater you have hidden in a box somewhere that you promised your Aunt that you'd wear but you never have because it's just so dang ugly? Well it's time to pull that out, because what's a Christmas party without a few ugly sweaters thrown in the mix! Any party is a whole lot more fun when there's a theme involved, so why not ask your guests to break out their ugly sweaters or matching Christmas outfits before arriving at your place to join in the fun. Go as formal or as festive and informal as you wish - When it comes to parties, you can do whatever you want, and people just enjoy dressing up!

Play Party Games

Party games are a necessity at any social function, and your annual Christmas party is definitely not an exception. Whether it's a game of cards that a few people can play or it's a game for everyone to get involved in, games make any party a whole lot more entertaining (and help to make a party a whole lot more memorable), so when you're planning your next Christmas function, why not make sure to include some games in your planning? Bring out some card games and board games, or set up cups on the dining room table and split the party guests into two teams for the ultimate game of Beer Pong (don't forget prizes for the winners, either). When it comes to party games, the possibilities are endless!

KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid!)

At the end of the day, your party guests won't remember the 73 hand-crafted Santa ornaments, or how you carefully shaped each of their napkins to look like a Santa hat, so when you're planning your next Christmas party - Just keep it simple! Grab your planner and figure out what food, drinks and part games you want, then send out the invitations to the guests and get ready for a good time - But don't overwork yourself to the point where you can't even enjoy your own party! Sure, order that chocolate fountain and book that photographer if you really want it - But if you can't afford it, or don't have the time to get it all organised, as long as you (and your guests) are having a good time, that's all that really matters. You're there to celebrate Christmas and good company - So lift your glass to a good night and enjoy it!

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