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GC's Best Independent Boutiques

Fashion at Your Front Door

GC's Best Independent Boutiques

Sometimes it feels like there’s a surf store popping up around every corner. Luckily, you can locate a few diamond designers that cater for the liberated. This one is for the free-spirited and non-conformists.

The Freedom State

Carrying a vast range of the coolest bohemian brands, this spot will satisfy your Spell & the Gypsy cravings. The list of labels is too long to mention, but highlights include Free People, Grace Bijoux, For Love & Lemons, Silk Laundry and Nine Lives Bazaar. Perfectly positioned across from the beach at Burleigh Heads, you don’t need to venture far to pick up all the best in Byron goods. Perfect for our local babes that kick it beachside by day and get wild at night.

Arkive Vintage

Tired of seeing the same trends in every direction you turn? Strongly opposed to fast fashion and stretchy denim? This hub of eclectic accessories and downright darling denim will get your heart racing. A pre-loved store filled with jackets, skirts, shorts, Ralph Lauren polos, old school tees, bolo ties, jewellery and more. You could truly dig for hours. Dig hard enough and you’ll find high fashion labels hiding in plain sight.

Bird on a Wire

Chic store Bird On A Wire is filled with lifestyle pieces that will capture your attention, not to mention the attention of your pals and passersby. Just down the road from The Freedom State on James Street, this store surprises you with a different vibe. Relaxed styles include printed maxis, bold accessories, and unique homewares.

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Jamie-Lee Rowley

Jamie-Lee Rowley

I’m a creative-visualist that loves bees, beers and devouring well-written books. A 70s babe, born in the 90s. I appreciate marmalade skies, write poems exploring female sexuality and equality and walk barefoot along off-beaten tracks. You’ll find me searching through vintage stalls, staring at obscure art, helping out at local markets, crowd surfing at live music events and sampling every acai the coast has to offer. As a certified Nutritional Therapist, I advocate sustainable living in the sun, the salt and the studio, a statue in Warrior II.