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Top Goal Kicking Tips

5 Tips For Maintaining Motivation In 2018

Top Goal Kicking Tips

So how are those new years goals going? It's February already, and I'm sure most of us are struggling to keep working out, saving money or eating better. I mean, let's be real - 'new year, new year' only lasts a few weeks before we all slip back into our old ways, and we promise ourselves that we'll do better next year. I'm sure many of us have goals that we've been trying to do for the last five years but have never managed to actually finish. You've promised yourself that this year is the year that you'll do it - But how do we get the motivation to eat better, work out more and save more all year long?

Find a way to enjoy it

Let's be real - Nobody likes doing something that they don't enjoy. So make life a little easier for yourself - Make it fun! Source some creative, healthy new recipes to try, buy yourself a piggy bank to keep change in (you'll be surprised how quickly you save money), or find a creative way to work out! Not only will you find it easier to keep on top of your goals in the long run, but you might even start to enjoy doing it!

KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid)

We all know that person who makes crazy goals every year, and then two weeks into January crashes and burns because they couldn't keep it up. While we'd all love to go from sleeping in until midday to totally cutting out sugar and working out five times a week, unless you're superhuman (or have really good self-control), it's just not possible. So keep it simple. Keep your goals achievable, and work your way up - You'll hit goals faster, and you might just be able to keep it up in the long run, too!

Track Your Progress

It's hard to keep motivated when you can't see any changes - So make life easier for yourself and track your progress! If you're a creative person, make a colourful chart and colour in the days that you succeed in your goals - If you're not, you can always print one out! Try taking progress shots of your body if you're wanting to work out more, and compare them a month, two months and six months later (if you get that far). Making changes in your life is always difficult - But being able to see the improvements makes it so much easier!

Do It With A Friend

Doing just about anything with friends is better than doing it on your own - So make goals with them too! Having competition is always a great motivator, and if you're a competitive person one of the best ways to keep on top of your goals is to have someone trying to beat you! Whether it's seeing who can eat the healthiest, save the most or work out the most, it's pretty easy to make just about any goal into a competition - Plus, having someone to do it with you is a great way to be kept accountable, so you can't give up even if you want to! You don't to lose, do you?

Don't Give Up

It might sound silly, but the biggest reason we don't complete our goals is that we simply give up. It's too hard, we don't have time, or we can't be bothered are some of the many reasons we use to justify slacking off and losing track - But when the going gets tough, are you going to just give up? You have to make time for anything important, and goals are exactly the same. Whether it's forcing yourself to save money, going out of your way to buy more fruit or choosing to go work out after work, everyone has to make the conscious effort to succeed in their goals. So simply? All you have to do is don't give up.

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