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Support Our Firefighters

Local Ways To Support Our Firefighters

Support Our Firefighters

Queensland and New South Wales are known around the world for their pristine beaches and stunning National Parks - But right now, they're on fire. With over 100 fires burning between the two states, thousands of men and women are risking their lives and giving up their time to help save those stuck in the worst of the fires. We're facing some of the worst bushfires in Australia's history, and our neighbours need our help - So we've compiled a list of places you can donate time, resources and money to help do your bit to put these fires out.

Where To Donate Money

Often, our lives are too busy to allow us to physically lend a hand to assist in a crisis - But that doesn't mean we can't help in other ways. Donating $5, $50 or $500 can go a long way to helping those in need (and those fighting on the front line). There's plenty of volunteer-based organisations getting out into the field to help fight fires, feed and clothe those who've lost their homes, so donating even a couple of dollars can do a world of difference.

1. Red Cross

Working in all of the affected areas, the Red Cross volunteers are working hard in evacuation centres to provide psychological first aid and comfort to those affected, as well as running Register. Find. Reunite, which helps to re-establish contact between family members who may have been evacuated from their homes and lost reception.

2. Salvation Army

Working on the front line all across QLD and NSW, the Salvation Army is feeding evacuees and emergency services, as well as preparing to help wherever possible to rebuild after the fires are over.

3. NSW Rural Fire Brigade

The NSW Rural Fire Brigade is on the front line putting their lives at risk to save homes, lives and our beautiful land. Constantly requiring help to keep their trucks maintained, their supplies stocked up and their stomachs fed, any little bit can help to put out the fires.

4. GoFundMe Pages

With so many communities being affected by the fires, there's no shortage of GoFundMe pages for you to donate to. Hundreds of pages have been set up by struggling families, as well as pages to help entire communities and pages to help support the wildlife impacted by the fire and those who are fighting on the front line.

5. Port Macquarie Koala Hospital

Located right near one of Australia's most important Koala breeding spaces, Port Macquarie Koala Hospital is dedicated to helping any surviving Koala's in the area thrive again, by purchasing water stations to help prevent dehydration. The organisation is also actively going out into affected areas and searching for surviving Koala's to help rehabilitate them to eventually return to the wild.

Where To Donate Resources

1. Koalas In Care Inc.

Located down in Taree, Koalas In Care is dedicated to looking after our beautiful Koalas - And they're calling desperately for supplies. Asking for supplies such as Napisan, Gloves, Cotton Buds and Baby Koala Formula (which can be ordered and delivered directly to Koalas In Care), every resource helps to ensure that the Koala's are able to survive the fires.

2. St Vincent De Paul

Dedicated to looking after people in the immediate aftermath and helping families get back on their feet, Vinnies is taking both monetary donations and donations of household items or clothing, with a monumental number of families needing assistance to get their lives back on track.

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