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GC Word on the Street #88

Theatrical Feats & Vegan Feasts!

GC Word on the Street #88

What would you do if you stole $40,000? Asking for a friend.

Travel around the world, try new foods and uncover your creative side this week with new shows, new foods and new creative programs to help you enjoy even the coldest Winter nights! We're addicted to carbs so we'll be going straight to The 4217 for their All You Can Eat Pizza & Pasta nights, but maybe we'll swing by HOTA later for a show. What are you doing?

Around The World In 80 Days | July 20th @ HOTA

What do you do when you rob a London Bank and steal 40,000 pounds? You bet half of it that you can fly around the world in 80 days of course! Adapted from Jules Verne's famous book, Around The World In 80 Days follows the hilarious and nonsensical journey of Phileas Fogg as he attempts to beat the clock and thwart authorities in his race around the globe. The perfect combination of silly and stupid, the play hits the stage at the Home of the Arts on July 20th, kicking off at 7:30 for an hour and a half of Monty Python-like humour and incredible talent.

Get Your Vegan Feed | The 4217 Urban Village

We're always happy when places bring out new food, so when The 4217 Urban Village announced that they were expanding with more Vegan food options, we were so excited we almost wet our plants! Situated on Beach Road opposite the Bruce Bishop Car Park, The 4217 is an urban village totally devoted to all things foodie, with restaurants including Salt Meats Cheese, Paradox Coffee Roasters and Brooklyn Depot all combining to make a delicious foodie Heaven. Paradox has changed their menu right in time for Winter, with plenty of new Vegan, Vegetarian and Gluten-Free dishes on offer, and everyone's favourite Burger joint has come up with their first Vegan Burger, stuffed with diced onions, iceberg lettuce, vegan cheese and a chickpea patty perfect for those colder Winter nights. And if you're looking for lunch? Don't go past Salt Meats Cheese - Running their All You Can Eat Pizza & Pasta nights every Tuesday nights with new Vegan options, finding Vegan food is a pizza cake!

Life Drawing | July 12th @ HOTA

Looking for a last-minute class to help revive your creative side? Or just need something to help shake up your week? Home of the Arts is hosting Life Drawing classes on the second Thursday of every month (so this Thursday people!), opening their doors to artists of all skill sets to relax and unwind in front of the canvas. Whether you've been drawing your whole life or just looking to expand your talent past stick figures, local artist Rebecca Cunningham will set the mood with music and guide you through the basics of still life drawing.

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