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Best Places to Recover from a Hangover

Hanging Out

Best Places to Recover from a Hangover

We’ve all been there. Waking up at midday, bleary eyed, a jackhammer pounding in your head, sweating, even though the air-con has frozen the Doritos you left out overnight. All sure-fire signs of a hangover. And you had how many tequila shots last night? Seriously? Don’t you remember what happened last time. Oh, I suppose not. Well, fear not, it may feel like you’re dying, but there are plenty of hangover remedies: from mountains of greasy food, to sweating it out on a run (if you can even move), to a classic hair of the dog. Luckily, the Gold Coast has a bit of everything to cure your hangover blues. Just remember to put your sunnies on, it’s bright outside.

Bazaar QT Hotel

Filling your stomach soaks up the alcohol right? That’s definitely how science works, isn’t it? Whether or not it technically works, shovelling piles of food down your hungover throat definitely makes you feel better, and replenishes your energy. And if you want food, there’s nowhere better than Bazaar’s all you can eat breakfast. Grab a plate (or three) and stack them with crisp, dripping bacon, handfuls of eggs, and butter-soaked, syrup-drenched pancakes. What hangover?

Burleigh Social

The people at Burleigh Social understand your pain. Hell, half of them are probably in the same boat, still trying to open their eyes all the way, and figure out why they’re seeing three of everything. But sunshine and fresh air will do you good, as will Burleigh Social’s creamy croissants, and imposing brekky burgers. If all else fails, just order a chocolate milkshake, and drown your sorrows all over again.


Don’t waste time with menus, you know exactly what you need. A Bloody Mary, and step on it. It doesn’t count as a hangover if you’re still drinking, does it? Elston does Bloody Mary’s right with bacon and jalapeno infused vodka, and in-house made gazpacho. It’s served in a soup tin, so you can even pretend it’s food. Three cheers for socially acceptable morning drinks!

Bonita Bonita

Bonita Bonita realise traditional breakfast times might be a big ask on Sunday morning, which is why they offer a scrumptious Sunday brunch instead. Return to the scene of the crime (be honest, there’s at least a 50% chance this whole ordeal started next door at Bon Bon), and chow down. The spicy chocho pancakes and chilli con carne will definitely wake you up. At worst, your burning tongue will distract from the hangover. Cheeky chimmis are the best #hangovercure ever!! Wash it down with a pitcher of breakfast Margaritas, and start the whole cycle over again!

The Loose Moose

The team at The Loose Moose have toiled non-stop to find the perfect hangover cure. They looked over the science, consulted all the experts, and underwent rigorous testing. Their solution? The Hangover Dawg. Basically, they shove every breakfast food into a hotdog bun (no cereal, thankfully). Think bacon, scrambled eggs, hollandaise, BBQ sauce, caramalised onion, melted jack cheese, and a double-smoked bockworst sausage. This thing’s the real deal. You don’t have to be hungover to have one, but it definitely helps.

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