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GC's Best Burgers

Ten Best Burgers On The Coast

GC's Best Burgers

The Gold Coast's range of Burger Restaurants is almost endless, and there's no wonder why - We can't get enough! Stuffed with beef, bacon, onion rings and even donuts, the Coast is full of greasy goodness perfect for filling even the strangest of cravings. But with every good burger, there's a bad one, and not everybody has the time or money to sample every Burger from Coomera to Coolangatta (even though we all want to). So we've done it for you, and made a list of the ten best Gold Coast Eateries truly worthy of the name Burger Bar.

  1. Obsessions on Chevron

Got a burger obsession? No better place to cure it than Obsessions on Chevron.

Stuffed to the brim with melted cheese, bacon, beef, onion rings and even Donuts, these burgers are so big you might have to share! Try the Chook Norris or the Jalope├▒oface for something with a bit more kick - either way, you're sure to be rolling back out!

  1. Brooklyn Depot

Open for just over a year, this lively and modern Burger Bar features a constantly changing menu and new feature Burgers every month. Sink your teeth into the Brooklyn Classic or try the Fuhgeddaboudit (said 'forget about it') for the true Brooklyn experience.

  1. Harry's Steak and Bistro Bar

Their mantra is Beef, Booze, and Banter. What more could you want? Open 'till late most nights of the week and hosting the incredible Wagyu Cheeseburger, Harry's in Burleigh is the perfect place to cure those midnight burger cravings.

  1. Ze Pickle

In a pickle as to where to find your next Burger? Where better but Ze Pickle? These quirky Burgers bring a unique twist to Burleigh Heads. Nothing normal here - Featuring Burgers such as Ya Mum, Pablo Escoburger and the Doughnutfukwitdis (filled with a whole glazed donut) just to name a few, you're sure to find something different.

  1. Longboards Laidback Eatery & Bar

Located in the shadow of Q1, Longboards Eatery & Bar features some of the best gourmet burgers on the Coast. Eat in and try the (aptly named) Big Kahuna, or grab a Beach Box and take their Burgers wherever you go. It's also home to the famous Phat Bastard Burger - think you're up for the challenge?

  1. Betty's Burgers & Concrete Co.

When it comes to Burgers, it seems simple is best. Winning the Gold Coast Bulletin's 2016 Burger Competition with their simple yet mouthwatering selection of Beef Burgers, Betty's Burgers are sure to be a hit!

  1. Feed The Earthlings

When we think of Burgers, we often think of Wagyu Beef, crispy lettuce, juicy tomato and melted cheese cooked to perfection and placed in a hot bun, but Feed The Earthlings is taking the Coast by storm with their huge selection of gluten-free, dairy-free and Vegan Burgers! Featuring a delicious selection of Burgers, Pizzas and more, this humble Burger place may just surprise you!

  1. House of Brews

Featuring 32 house crafted beers and a mouthwatering selection of Burgers and Sliders, House of Brews is the perfect place to spend your Friday night! Try their traditional Queenslander or sink your teeth into their signature Redneck Burger - either way, you're sure to be right at home in this Beer and Burger Heaven!

  1. Easy Street Diner

An Aussie restaurant with an American touch! Featuring traditional burgers such as the Royale With Cheese and Southern Burgers such as the Glazed Pork Belly, this traditionally American store is sure to stand out!

  1. Burger Bro?

If you're looking for authentic Kiwi Burgers, look no further than Burger Bro! Willing and ready to fill your Burger cravings with a variety of Beef, Chicken, Pork and Fish Burgers (alongside a healthy serving of chips), you'll almost certainly find something here to satisfy. If you're not sure on what to get, try the Empire State - with beef, bacon, pickles caramelized onion and bourbon barbeque sauce, it's sure to satisfy! Burger, bro?

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