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Top 10 Japanese Restaurants on the Gold Coast

Japanese style yum!

Top 10 Japanese Restaurants on the Gold Coast

Konnichiwa! Are you keen for some Japanese food but UDON know which Japanese restaurant to go? No worries, this list will guide you to the best Japanese cuisine on the Coast. Are those chopsticks or are you just happy to sashimi? Trust me, all restaurants on the list have mouth-watering food.

📷: Wai Wai Dining

1. Wai Wai Dining | Southport

From Shabu-shabu (hotpot), Japanese Yakiniku (BBQ) to Bento boxes, Wai Wai Dining has everything you want as a meat lover.

The restaurant provides A5 Wagyu from Kagoshima, the meat melts in your mouth when you eat it! That’s how good it is. If you love to eat Wagyu, you should definitely try it out.

2. JFX Noodles and Tapas Bar | Southport

Any ramen lovers? JFX Noodles and Tapas Bar is so RAMEN-tic! You can tell that from the name of the restaurant, with ‘noodles’ in it.

The restaurant offers various flavours including house or black tonkotsu, salt, butter tonkotsu and miso tonkotsu ramen. They also have rice bowls and delicious tapas on the menu if you are down for it.

They also have Yakiniku BBQ to serve your tastebud!

📷: Izakaya Ichi

3. Izakaya Ichi | Southport

Wanna grab some Japanese food at night? Or maybe some dessert after dinner? Izakaya Ichi is the one to go.

Apart from the bento boxes, rice bowls, hotpot and sashimi, the restaurant also has different flavours of bingsoo, which is a popular Asian dessert. You should try it if you haven’t!

Izakaya Ichi is just located next to the Southport tram station and they open until 1 am every night. It’s really a good place for you and your friends to chill and drink at.

4. Maruya | Southport

If you love Japanese Mecha anime and manga, you are gonna love Maruya. The restaurant is decorated with heaps of Japanese mecha figures and movie posters in Japanese, it makes you feel like you are in Japan.

Also, have you tried Japanese soba before? They have Japanese soba, along with udon, rice bowls and sashimi platters on their menu. These are SOBA-delicious!

Maruya is just located in Chinatown, you can go there by taking the tram to Southport. Make sure you book your table before going there, as the restaurant is always packed at night!

5. Goto | Southport

Yet another Japanese restaurant in Southport, but have you ever tried Champon noodles? Champon noodles is a regional dish in Nagasaki, which is similar to ramen that we usually eat and it is healthier. Champon is the real Champ!

Sushi lover shouldn’t miss out on Goto’s sushi too since sushi feature heavily on their menu. Their sashimi platters are fresh and colourful! We think a balanced diet is a sushi roll in each hand!

6. Izakaya You Japanese Restaurant | Surfers Paradise

Want to try some Japanese classics? This is the restaurant you should go to. The restaurant has been serving on the Goldie for over 20 years, the OGs must know it. They make MISO satisfied!

You is a family-owned restaurant and has been operating since 1994. From Bento boxes to Sukiyaki hotpot (slow-cooked hot pot) and Wagyu beef teppanyaki on offer across lunch and dinner. They have everything you need if you’re a beef lover.

📷: Jia Ye

7. Amimoto Japanese Restaurant | Surfers Paradise

Animoto is a hidden gem located in an alleyway in Surfers Paradise, a quiet and small place that gives you an authentic vibe. You will be surprised when you realise the food is that tasty.

You can’t go wrong with their sashimi platters. The sashimi are so fresh and tasty that they literally melt in your mouth. If you don’t wanna wait for a long queue, book a reservation before going on the ROLL!

8. Murasaki Teppanyaki | Broadbeach

Murasaki is a unique restaurant as they don’t offer rice bowl, bento boxes or ramen like the other restaurant do. No more Mr Rice guy! They mainly do teppanyaki with different fillings.

Murasaki has various options for teppanyaki and they’re all very delicious. You can choose from meat like eye fillet, marble beef and wagyu beef to seafood like salmon, tuna and scallop.

If you have an overchoice issue like me and you can’t select one out of all those options, you can order the Murasaki Supreme Set, where each set has more than one main course.

📷: Jakub Dziubak

9. Cafoo Izakaya | Palm Beach

Cafoo Izakaya is another decent Japanese restaurant that offers fresh and delicious sashimi. The restaurant has legit dishes, such as Osaka-style okonomiyaki, wagyu-beef tataki, gyozas and agedashi tofu. We will never let you gyoza!

If you’d like to have something healthy, they do offer seared salmon salad and fresh seafood salad.

The restaurant also has various alcohol on the drink menu. From homemade sake, shochu, umeshu-plum wine to Japanese whiskey. It’s a good spot for you and your mates to eat and drink here.

10. Project Tokyo | Mermaid Beach

Project Tokyo is a Japanese restaurant that has a crossover between authentic Japanese flavours and a more local friendly flavour. Signature dishes like kingfish sashimi with jalapeno and yuzu make MISO hungry!

Project Tokyo also has the Omakase set menu, you can experience all the food that the restaurant has to offer. The menu is available for vegetarian and vegan too, you just have to tell the staff in advance.

With an abundance of quality Japanese restaurants, it’s difficult to pick only 10 but these are tried and tested. Travel your tastebuds to Japan without leaving the GC. Sayōnara!

📷: Masaaki Komori

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