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GC Word on the Street #52

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GC Word on the Street #52

It's been wet this week. Very wet. And we all know that when it's wet, nobody likes to go out. But despite the rain and generally unpleasant weather, the Coast has powered on, opening up a delicious new range of cafes and bars that are sure to get your out of your PJ's! And once you're dressed, fed and out of the house, why not feed your creative side with one of the Coasts many creative workshops!

Mr. PP's Deli & Rooftop Bar | Opening Soon

The newest rooftop bar to crop up on the coast, Mr. PP's Deli and Rooftop Bar is the newest jewel in Southport's crown. Decked out in a rustic mixture of wood and metal, PP's is the perfect place for good people, fine liquor and delicious food to come together in perfect, delicious harmony. Their menu is simple yet elegant, with a variety of mouthwatering Sandwiches, Meats, Cheeses and Pizza's readily available, alongside their famous Whiskey Cocktail that'll be sure to leave you wanting more. Don't forget to ask the friendly staff about the story behind the name and location, either - We're sure you'll be intrigued!

Energies Exhibition | October 27

A snapshot of the current social, emotional and global views through the eyes of the Gold Coast's Youth, the Energies Exhibition showcases the work of the best up-and-coming artists, photographers, film-makers and creators on the Coast. Filled with photography, art and videos, alongside some more unique 3D creations, the exhibition focuses on as human existence and identity, using the works of over eighty artists to bring the worlds current issues to light in a fun and unique concept.

Spring Progressive Luncheon | Marina Mirage @ October 27

The shining gem in Marina Mirage's Spring program, the Spring Progressive Luncheon will delight your senses and tickle your tastebuds as you eat and drink your way through some of the best food and wine that the Marina has to offer. You'll begin your feasting foray with canapes at award winning Glass Dining & Lounge Bar before being whisked down the boardwalk to entrees at Pier. Once you've eaten and drunk your way through the beginning courses you'll be led upstairs to the main course, where you'll be treated to waterfront views in the Coasts best Italian, Fellini Ristorante. Finishing up the day you'll be invited over to N3 Tapas, where deserts and more drinks will ensure you end on a sweet note. And for all the budding chefs out there, you'll be treated to an inside look at how the season's menu has been created - But limited spots are available, so make sure you don't miss out! Link to tickets in title.

Mandala Workshop | October 21

Get in touch with your creative side with the Raw Wood Mandala Workshop in The Craft Parlour, run by the talented local artist Danni Simpson. You'll be encouraged to explore your spirituality, coached through how to create the intricate and beautiful patterns of a Mandala in a fun and relaxing environment. Running for three hours, the only requirement is that you come with a good attitude and a willingness to learn (no creative experience required). With all of the rainy weather around, why not take your friends and create some beautiful art!

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