20 Reasons Why Mums Are The Best

Things only a mother knows...

20 Reasons Why Mums Are The Best

For many of us, mums are the reason why we are the person we are today. They’ve been there with us since day one (literally) and have taught us more life lessons than we can remember (also, literally). Like most holidays, Mother’s Day only comes around once every year so it is important to spoil our mothers when her special day comes. Although we may take our mums for granted at times, here are 20 reasons to remember why mums are simply the best.

  1. Mums stick with us through thick and thin - Nothing says loyalty like a mother does. No matter how many times we fail, no matter how many job interviews were unsuccessful, no matter how many relationships broke our hearts, we can always count on our mums to be there for us.

  1. Mums always have our backs - Mums will always stand up for us. Like that time your music teacher criticised your musical talent at parents night but she stood up for you, even though, lets be real, deep down she knew the teacher was right.

  1. Mums will always tell you the truth - Forget the people who just smile and continue to awkwardly talk to you when you have a piece of food stuck in between your teeth (so attractive we know), luckily we have our mums who will always tell us to go take a look in the mirror!

  1. Mums put up with our nagging, complaining, breakdowns… you name it - They understand you… Or at least they try to. There should really be awards for mums who put up with us.

  1. Mums will always do their best to help us – Whether it be when we get ourselves in sticky situations or if we just need some help on our homework.

  1. BUT they’ll also tell us when we are just being stupid - Not only are mums sweet, kind and caring, but they are also straightforward and savage.

  1. Mums are patient - If patience is key, doesn’t that make mums the key to everything?

  1. Mums are selfless - They will always let you have that last piece of the cake, even if they secretly wanted it.

  1. Mums can feed you enough food to last you a lifetime - They really do make sure you never go hungry. And I mean NEVER.

  1. Mums give the best advice - Let’s face it, they’re always right, even when they’re not.

  1. Mums will take care of you - Even when she warned you that she WASN’T going to look after you if you got sick

  1. Mums can read your mind - There’s no doubt about it, mums definitely have superpowers. They just always know what you’re thinking, even before you say anything!

  1. Mums have the best shoulder to cry on - Both physically and theoretically!

  1. Mums understand your sense of humour - Or at least they pretend they do.

  1. Mums are secretly magicians - Only three items left in the fridge? No problem! Mums can whip up a full meal with even the leftover ingredients

  1. Mums are forgiving – Sometimes we don’t even deserve their forgiveness but they always come around, even when you accidentally stand on her new plants

  1. Mums smiles make everything better - Even when we’re having the worst day ever, seeing mum smile always gives us that warm fuzzy feeling inside.

  1. Mums are the best at multi-tasking - Need lunch made + your homework checked + got 100 other chores to do? Have no fear, mum is here!

  1. Mums are the best listeners - They even listen to your most boring stories!

  1. Mums brought us into the world - DUH!

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