20 Things Millennials Love to Hate

Generation X marks the spot

20 Things Millennials Love to Hate

Millennials. Known to infuriate Baby Boomers, be broke at the best of times, riddled with anxiety and well educated. Odds are that you, yes you reading this article, are most likely a millennial and do we have the list for you! We’ve whipped up 20 of the most relatable things that millennials love to hate:

1. Riverdale. Period.

2. Complaining. It’s normally about our generation and who really has time for that?

3. How much we heavily rely on technology for just about everything.

4. Single use coffee cups. Plastic, paper, it doesn’t matter unless its reusable okay?

5. Dating Apps. Tinder, Bumble, Hinge; you’ve got to swipe left a lot before you can swipe right.

6. Avo on Toast. The guiltiest pleasure of all *eye roll* and what is apparently stopping us from all buying houses.

7. Phone calls. Why call when you can text?

8. Splitting the bill. When you order the cheaper item on the menu and your friends order a few extra drinks. The struggle is real.

9. Working when you could be travelling Europe. Ahh, dreams.

10. HECS/HELP DEBT. Ugh, sigh.

11. Cancelling plans last minute. There’s always one person.

12. The Hills: New Beginnings. It has Mischa Barton in the remake so it must be good!

13. Participation trophies. Guess who came up with that idea?

14. People who ignore that our planet is dying. I think we need to fix that!

15. Social Media. Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, the lot.

16. That every Tom, Dick and Harry can now be an “influencer”.

17. #Fitspo. The pressure we all feel to be posting gym selfies 24/7.

18. Aperol Spritz. Didn’t we all just pretend to like that drink?

19. The Kardashians. We all know you’ll be keeping up.

20. Food Delivery Apps (Uber Eats, Deliveroo blah, blah, blah). At $30 a meal, 4 times a week, you might cringe too.

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