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5 Instruments That Are Easy To Learn By Yourself

Practice makes perfect!

5 Instruments That Are Easy To Learn By Yourself

Thinking about learning an instrument but afraid of being too old? Don’t worry, we got you. The following 5 instruments are easy to learn by yourself and you can save up a lot of money for other goods. All you need is the instrument itself, sit back and watch some YouTube tutorials!


Small and portable, with only 4 strings, a ukulele is like a mini version of a guitar. Once you learn some basic chords, you are most likely to play most of the songs. Uke can sing along with it very easily.

Ukulele can be very cheap on the market, Uke can buy one home within 20 bucks.


Similar to the ukulele, but a guitar has 6 strings and slightly harder. However, basic guitar chords and strumming are very easy to learn. Once you master those skills, you are ready to rock n roll!

Playing the guitar is also a really good way to impress a girl!


Playing a keyboard is just like typing on your keyboard. Coordinate two hands at the same time shouldn’t be a big deal for you if you are used to be a keyboard warrior!

Learning how to play the keyboard through the number system and basic chords will also make things easier.


I swear everyone learned how to play a recorder at school when they were a kid. This is ‘THE’ easiest instrument to learn by far. It just about coordinating your fingers with your tongue and breathing. Fingers, tongue, breathe. Very simple right?


Another small and portable instrument that is very easy to carry around, you can even put it in your pocket. You only have to adjust your lips and tongue and blow air into it. Once you memorise the position of the note, you can be a blues and jazz legend!

There are other instruments that are easy to learn by yourself too. But these are the 5 easiest instruments you can learn by yourself. Remember, there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch, you’ll still have to practice more to master the instrument.

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