5 Unkillable Plants You Need in Your Home

Even if you're a deadbeat plant parent

5 Unkillable Plants You Need in Your Home

You’ve seen all the Instas and the grams. Plants are the newest trend to take over your feed, with so many people posting updates on their plant babies. If you wanna join in the fun, but worried you’ll become an indoor plant serial killer – don’t fret. We’ve got you covered, here’s some babies that thrive on neglect, are perfect for beginners or just some cute plants that will turn you into a yummy plant mummy in no time.

SPIDER PLANT | Chlorophytum Comosum

These tough cuties were very popular in the 70s (or so my mum has told me). But these bad boys are quite the durable plant, and can survive and thrive even with the most neglectful of owners. So, if you’re a bit of newbie, this plant is a safe choice.

STRING OF PEARLS | Senecio Rowleyanus

This little odd ball is a succulent that is easy to care for. Being drought tolerant, if you forget to water this little guy, he should be alright. Not to mention, the plant itself is a bit weird looking, and adding him to your room of choice will surely liven things up.

AIR PLANTS | Tillandsias

This non-fussy baby is perfect if you’re absentminded. Like its name suggests, the only thing this plant needs to survive is air (sorta) – no soil, no worries. Just place them in water every now and then, very set and forget.

POTHOS | Epipremnum aureu

Nicknamed Devil’s Ivy, this plant is an angel for those missing a green thumb. Pothos love a bit of light, drier soil – meaning it’ll tolerate your erratic watering care. It’s named one of the common houseplants, which also means easy to care for.

SNAKE PLANT | Sanseviera

The plant loves when you do the bare minimum. This hard guy is great if you’re a set and forget kinda person. You can water this snakey about once a month, if you keep him in the shade. A quick google will send you on your way.

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