Find your Passion Project

And set your Creativity free!

Find your Passion Project

Living one’s dream seems to be a silly fantasy when it comes to adulting.

Most of us are stuck in office jobs, waiting for our next holiday and counting our beans to see how far we can get with them.

But what if you could do something to change it all? To open new doors for yourself and actually start walking through them? What if this isn’t everything there is to life - what if there’s more?

You want to make a change? Read on!

Make the decision

If you’re reading this, you must be in need of some inspiration, of some divine intervention to save you from the mundane.

First thing’s first - to change one’s life, one must first make the decision to do so. And if you make the decision to make a change, you have to walk the talk, take action, buy the figurative Porche and start driving towards the figurative sunset.

This will be the hardest thing you’ll have to do and once you choose which direction you’ll drive in, it’s time to start thinking - what will be your Passion Project?

What are you passionate about?

What you have to do is figure out what it is that you’re passionate about. I’m not talking about accounting and I.T., I’m talking about your creative side - what does your Creativity have to say for itself?

Becoming an adult has probably put Creativity in the corner, but let’s bring it into the middle of the room and take a good look. Does your Creativity like to paint, or listening to music or does it like reading or writing?

Whatever you settle on, the most important part is reuniting with Creativity and making a decision to embrace it, bringing us to the next step.

Immerse yourself

Now that Creativity is back, it’s time to let it lead the way! Get online and start searching.

Instagram is a great source for Creativity because whatever your interest, you will find millions of people who share that passion with you and they have photos and #hashtags to prove it.

Pinterest is also a great online community hub for all things creative and you can share and like and pin your little heart out until all you’re thinking about is your new found hobby and how to take it to the next level. Which is...

Trying something new

And now, the other hard part - leaving the house and changing the routine.

It’s time to try something new.

Start attending gigs, go to the museum, go to the places Creativity thrives. Get your Google on and start searching for that life drawing class, or fish tank appreciation group or book club that you’re interested in.

Don’t be scared to commit to a class or agree to go to a gathering.

Everyone is new at something. It will be one night away from our beloved Bachelor, but giving something different a go will mean the world to your Creativity, so don’t be selfish and get out there.

And you can try loads of different things! You don’t have to be stuck to one thing you thought you liked - maybe it’s not as fun as you thought it’d be? Just because you like pottery, doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy bird watching.

Share the Passion

Now it’s time to become an important part of the community and share your interest and passion with other people! Take some photos with your phone, put a #filter on it and become a social media tycoon!

Did you know that there are 14 year olds that are earning money from having a huge presence and following online? Well, if they can do it, so can you!

It may take time to build your portfolio, it may not, but that time will pass anyway, so you might as well get cracking. And who knows what doors it will open and who you will meet? Opportunities are just waiting to be grabbed out there and being present online these days is one of the best ways to find them.

Win Freebies

You’ve dipped your toe in! How’s the water? Warmer than you thought? I bet!

Now that you’re developing your interest, reward yourself and win some free stuff.

You can find almost anything online these days and when you dig deeper into your interest, you’ll find that there is a whole world out there that you didn’t even know existed.

Start entering competitions through your social media, oftentimes it will only take a like, a tag, a share and/or a comment. You can start attending free events, win tickets to the movies, you can win books and seminars. And I bet you’re more likely to attend free events than ones you have to pay for!

The opportunities are endless. And free stuff is never a bad thing, Creativity loves free stuff.

What are you waiting for?

But really, the crucial message here is that you have the power to change your life. It’s the age old saying that we don’t live to work, we work to live. There is no point in working the 9 to 5 if you’re missing out on the big picture - that is to live a happy life.

Give yourself a reason to jump out of bed, indulge your Creativity and enjoy your life. Because we (supposedly) only get one life. Don’t waste one more second letting it all get away from you, when you could be cliff diving in the Mediterranean because that’s the door your passion project opened up!

Let’s do it together.

One, two, three… JUMP!

About the Author

Billi Milovanovic

Billi Milovanovic

Frolicking in the ocean and sipping on a cool beverage is how life was intended for Billi. An avid traveler and dabbler in creative expressions, Billi has tried it all – singing, make up artistry, photography and cross-fit coaching – wait, what?

Billi has loved writing since Hotmail accounts were cool, her 15 childhood diaries will attest to that. Years of practicing terrible poetry and managing her own teenage emotions have shaped Billi's passion for writing her stories and experiences for her few social media followers.

Adoring her young family and loving her close group of friends, Billi is planning on writing all about her upcoming overseas adventures as soon as the kids are old enough to appreciate all the effort it takes to travel with them.