10 Home Accounts You Need to Follow

Home is where the insta-heart is

10 Home Accounts You Need to Follow

Needing a refresh in your humble abode? Have a certain aesthetic? Just a huge window shopper? Instagram’s got you covered, here’s ten home accounts you gotta follow.


Forget bigger is better. The tiny house movement is all about downsizing, not just your home, but everything else in your life. It was created to combat the growing cost of average homes. It’s all about minimalism. Just remember, size doesn’t always matter.


Adapting the Scandinavian interior style of bright, simple and natural features, this Instagram is sure to give you home envy. Your house should be a retreat and evoke happiness, as well be functional and creative. The run down on how to achieve this can be found on contemporary_life.


If you like your grandma's interior design, you'll love this insta. You'll find colorful, patterned, wallpapered-covered bathrooms to inspire your creative side. If you're wanting to update your bathroom, why not do some vintage revival?


The how-to guide of cheap chic. If you want to give your home decor a bit of an update, without breaking the bank, this Instagram has got you covered. You can also keep posted about all the new Kmart/Target items.

If you want to daydream that you're sipping on a cocktail in your beachhouse, here's where you'll find your inspo. With vibrant colours, earthy tones and attention to detail, you'll have the base to design your dream house.


Say bonjour to classic, elegant living. Here you can browse and enjoy beautiful floral, delicate and stunning interiors. Chandeliers are a definite, and some china to fancy up your dining table. Très bien.


Don't be afraid of a bit of colour. Sophie Loghman style and design is a like a candyland. She snaps all things neon, and is sure to inspire you to brighten up your life. She even has a room you can stay in.


Rustic and homey. Antique meets modern. If you're thinking about adding that farmhouse charm to your home, here's where you should look first. It's hard to balance modern and classic vibes in your home, so if you want that look - start here


This instagram is your boho dream. If you want to relocate and live the hippie lifestyle, heres the inspiration you're looking for.


Goth decor at it's finest. If you're favourite colour is black, but maybe you can tolerate some shades of greys, this is the inspiration you've been looking for. Everyday is halloween.

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