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2021 Goals We Can All Get Behind

What a year, hey?

2021 Goals We Can All Get Behind

Happy New Year hit so different in 2021. We can all agree we were pretty much done with 2020 in March 2020. It’s been…an experience. We can only look forward to the potential of 2021 and the fun it shall bring! Here are some 2021 Goals We Can All Get Behind.

#1. Hug

This one goes without saying. It’s a seriously difficult feat seeing friends and not being allowed to physically touch them. We will abide by the rules, we just hope they will change next year!

#2. Get Back to The Office

Though Working from Home does have its perks, it can get a little ridiculous at times. Like when your cat types ldynlayduqw into your important zoom meeting or when you actually get 0 work done because Netflix is calling (blame it on the inanimate object, no one will know).

#3. Face to Face Meetings

Just to piggyback of my last point, Working from Home gets real fun in meetings. “Yeah so I was thinki – “ “So does any – “ “Oh” “Oh” “Sorry” “You go – “ “You go – “ “Oh”. We’ve all been there. It might just be time to get back into that meeting room. Maybe you’ll see some new faces! (not on tiny screens!)

#4. Dance

If you’ve been to a club or concert in this wonderful time of COVID-19, you’ll know you’ve had to explore some, well, creative ways of getting your boogie on. It’s awkward to say the least, especially on a date. “Look I know we just met but check out the way I flail my arms - Covid safely!” Hopefully the D Floor isn’t too far in the future!

#5. Visit our families

It’s a super duper hard time for those of us who have folks, siblings, grandparents living far away, or in vulnerable positions. Virtual hugs are good, but sometimes not enough. Here’s to fully embracing our loved ones in 2021!

#6. Travel

This volume of this goal is phenomenal. We are all in the same boat (maybe even cruise ship) with this one. We cannot wait to get back into that plane seat, passport in hand and butterflies in our stomachs.

#7. Celebrate

Weddings, parties, cult sacrifices, graduations, what ever kind of celebration you are into, let’s try to make it happen in 2021. It’s no lie that we miss those over-the-legal-limit-of-people parties. For now, we’ll make do and have still have a blast, but keep this goal in mind and hopefully it will come true next year.

2020 has taken some crazy turns, so let’s make the most of 2021 and remember how many things we take for granted. Pop that champagne, let’s party! At a reasonable distance!

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Jemima Moore

Jemima Moore

Jemima, the five-foot-nothing, often mistaken to be 12 years old, creative mind hopes to use her myriad of weird and wonderful talents to bring a smile to someone’s day.