31 Ways You Know You're an Australian

G'Day Mate!

31 Ways You Know You're an Australian

Australian’s have many weird and wonderful habits and sayings that many foreigners are gobsmacked (yes – this is one of them) by. Here are 31 of those wonderfully weird ways to know you’re an Australian.

1. Referring to McDonald’s as ‘Macca’s’

2. And abbreviating everything in general

3. When you answer a question with “yeah, nah”

4. Heading down to your local Bunnings to get a $2 snag

5. Also going to vote purely to get a snag

6. Referring to a sausage as a ‘snag’

7. Referring to a barbecue as a ‘sausage sizzle’

8. When you answer all of life’s complications with “she’ll be right”

9. When your mates are yelling “Shoo-ey! Shoo-ey!” so you start chugging a beer out of your dirty old shoe

10. Referring to the bottle shop as the ‘bottle-o’

11. Wearing flip flops and referring to them as ‘thongs’

12. If you not wearing thongs you’re most likely barefoot

13. Eating vegemite and avocado on toast

14. Referring to drinking alcohol as ‘getting on the piss’

15. Referring to a party as a ‘piss up’

16. Drinking goon straight from the bag.

17. When you and your friends are bored and you start passing the goon bag around the circle and whoever drops it has to drink from the bag and calling it ‘goon toss’

18. Hanging goon bags on each corner of the clothesline and playing ‘goon of fortune’, spin the clothesline and whoever the goon bag lands on has to drink.

19. Swearing a LOT and not getting offended by it

20. Singing “Hey Baby’ at music festivals for no apparent reason

21. Yelling “TAXI” when someone breaks a glass at a party

22. Ordering a chicken parmy at your local pub

23. Complaining about the cold weather

24. Being obsessed with meat pies

25.Calling your swimmers your togs or cossies

26. Referring to men’s speedos as ‘dick togs’ , DT’s’ or 'budgie smugglers'

27. Stealing a traffic cone on the way home from a night out and insisting on taking it home

28. Referring to a meal consisting of seafood and red meat as ‘surf & turf’

29. Putting butter and sprinkles on bread and calling it ‘fairy bread’

30. Let's Mardi our Gras. It's not Mardi Gras, it's Pardi Gras!

31. Leaving a beer out for Santa

32. Calling a Kangaroo, a roo.

Strewth, did we leave any out mate? Sink a cold one, and holla out if we did.

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, oi, oi, oi!