Australian Labels Selling Sustainable Face Masks

Be safe, look good.

Australian Labels Selling Sustainable Face Masks

As coronavirus restrictions ease around Australia, many people are beginning a indefinite return to our pre-isolation routines. We're welcoming a return dining out, going to the gym (well... kind of) and visiting the pub. Most of us are familiar with proper hand-washing techniques and have multiple hand sanitisers stashed in bags but the use of masks has been a little less omnipresent. It's time to step up our mask game. These awesome Aussie brands have got you covered...literally.

📷 Hey Reflecto

Hey Reflecto

When high vis meets high fashion. Hey Reflecto's masks scream 'look at me!'. The fluro, bright fabrics keep you obvious during the day and makes sure you stand out at night.

📷 Reusable Mask Co

Reusable Mask Co

Not just another mask. The simple designs are actually designed with loads of benefits for maximum functionality and comfort.

📷 Par Moi

Par Moi

It's a big oui from us! This Melbourne based brand has created the cutest lil masks we ever did see. The femenine prints are perfect for a spring and will complement your cute picnic in the park outfit.

📷 Yarli Creative

Yarli Creative

Just like us, Yarli Creative loves to keep it local. The work alongside small family businesses across Australia and all masks are printed with creative and original hand-painted Aboriginal designs.

📷 Gail Sorronda

Gail Sorronda

This is the face mask to end all face masks. Brisbane designer Gail Sorronda has created the most extra mask designs that live up to their flamboyant name. We want to be buried in this.

📷 Clothing The Gap

Clothing The Gap

More than just a mask. Aboriginal-owned and led, Clothing The Gap donates 100% of its profits to health and educations programs dedicated to supporting First Nations people. Not only do these masks look fab but they actually work at keeping you safe.

Let's kiss disposable face masks goodbye!

📷 Hey Reflecto

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