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How to Survive an Apocalypse

The End Is Nigh

How to Survive an Apocalypse

Yes, the world is clearly coming to an end. But is there anything you can do to prepare? Humans are a resilient species. We’ve managed to adapt to hellish conditions and thrive against all odds, dragging ourselves from caves to skyscrapers in a relatively short period of time. Here are few tips to get you through the next apocalypse.

Find water

You take clean water for granted, and when the apocalyptic fire sweeps across the continent, you’ll learn one thing: Water is life. You may survive on some of secret stashes of watercooler jugs or buy some from a water baron but there will come a time when the only available drink is questionable at best. Make sure you purify that stuff before you ingest a bellyful of pathogens or chemical poisons. Or, buy it from your local wasteland warlord with your undying service.

Gather supplies

Last but not least have you ever wandered around a heavily destroyed and ravaged planet, trying to survive while escaping human-like creatures or cannibals who are trying to eat you? No? Well, just in case you do someday.These little items will be invaluable when you’ve lost all access to emergency medical services and supplies.

Buddy up

There’s always a time when you can’t look in front of you and behind you at the same time, so it is good to remember the buddy system. Even though you may get caught in tight spot and have enemies surround you and trap you in a corner, so with the help of a buddy you have a better chance of clearing and keeping an area safe and getting you out of those tight situations. Only downside is that sometimes you can’t pick your friends as options may be limited during an apocalypse.

Find transport

Lets think about how you are going to get around if there is some kind of survival scenario that is keeping you from getting where you need to go. With oil being an ever scarce commodity. The wells have dried up long ago and the worlds governments are rationing the last of it for more important causes than your insignificant needs. You are probably going to want to get yourself a bicycle or a car but make sure you have enough fuel for the journey.

Get a weapon

It’s the question on everyone’s lips – if an apocalypse occurred tomorrow what would be the best weapons to have at your disposal? It’s a sad fact though, that you’re probably not likely to just stumble across high grade military weaponry in a zombie apocalypse. As ammunition becomes more scarce, you will have to rely more on close combat weapons. Expect to see a lot more melee weapons, bullets are a finite instrument in this world. Popular options are usually swords like katanas looking at you Michonne, axes, crossbows god bless you Daryl or even a bo staff for more of the zen masters out there

Enjoy the little things

Surviving all the craziness at the end of the world can be very stressful so you will need to try and maintain a happy and sane state of mind by keeping positive. Surviving the apocalypse can take a mental toll on a daily basis may leave with little time to put down your gun and get some well deserved R&R, but it is important when you do get the time that you spend it entertaining yourself well

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