Record-breaking nesting season for Sea Turtles

Loggerhead Turtles getting busy with their business

Record-breaking nesting season for Sea Turtles

These days it seems like you can’t escape the bad news, sad news, make you really mad news regarding the endangerment and possible extinction of several animals. Well, in a turn of events, a few thousand sea turtles are about to give you just a glimpse of hope for the future, and maybe put a smile on that dial.

For 40 years, Loggerhead Sea Turtles have been listed as endangered and threatened under the Endangered Species Act. But in a twist of fate, and with the help of conservation efforts Loggerhead Sea Turtles are currently experiencing a potentially record-breaking nesting season along the coast of Georgia.

According to the New York Times, researchers have counted 1,779 turtle nests, each holding around 100 eggs (busy turtles), along the coast so far this season. And would you believe, it’s still early in the season! So this number is set to get even larger, maybe even set a new record (currently held by the busy turtles of 2016)!

The initial decline of this beautiful animal was due heavily to human activity such as construction and commercial fishing. That being said, we were also able to put in new practices such as beach closures and modified fishing practices to reverse our impact and the declining numbers.

With this extremely positive news about the Loggerheads rehabilitating, it’s important to keep doing what we can to protect sea turtles so we don’t see them on the endangered list again!