What's With The Cattitude?

7 Life Lessons According To Your Cat

What's With The Cattitude?

There’s just something special about cats. They’re crazy, independent, sassy, judgemental little beasts, and we love them! They own their domain and they’re not afraid to put us in our place if we get too bold. They’re also incredibly affectionate and full of life. Cats make us laugh, sometimes cry, but mostly, cats allow us to appreciate the small things in life. Our feline friends also provide us with means for entertainment. You only have to scroll the internet to see a plethora of ‘cats are jerks’ videos on YouTube or the ‘weird things my cat does’ threads on reddit, to see all the weird and wonderful things cats get up to. Although they can be a little crazy from time to time, there’s so much our cats can teach us about how to do life. Here is a list of attitudes we can adopt from our cats to live life to the fullest…

Be confident in yourself

Cats walk around the house like they own it. This is because they know they are kings and queens. Add a cat’s confidence to your repertoire, believe in yourself, see yourself as a king or queen. Cats aren’t afraid to strut around the house because they see themselves as a lion. Believe in yourself and walk through life like you own it, or otherwise face an existential crisis at 30. That isn’t good for anybody!

Love yourself first before loving others

Cats are notoriously vain. They groom themselves constantly throughout the day, and they do what they want when they want. Cats also put their needs first before they seek the needs of others. That’s important to note. If you take an animal like a peacock, for example, they look good but feel the need to dance around and tell everyone how pretty they are, all the while desperately seeking some sort of connection. How many people do we know like that? Am I right? (high five). Be a cat. They don’t need to show off to gain attention. They get noticed because of who they are and their IDGAF attitude. Please note, helping others is important and it’s a wonderful quality. Just don’t stretch yourself thin in doing so.

Be prepared to defend yourself

It can be hard being a cat. Cats are typically solitary animals that often have territorial differences. Turf wars happen, but cats won’t back down. If they believe in something, they’ll fight for it. Be prepared to defend yourself with the tenacity of a feline. Dig your claws into what you hold dear and don’t let go until a peaceful resolution reveals itself.

Be independent

Cats are strong-willed, adventurous, and independent creatures. They’re not scared of a little alone time. They know who they are and seek solitude in order to achieve their goals. Don't be afraid to chase your dreams. Sometimes you'll have to do it alone. Cats are generally care free. Their greatest concern typically revolves around the questiong, 'when the food is coming?' Me too buddy, me too. Perhaps I should rename this subheading ‘Eat more and get fat’. That works ;)

Get hungry for something and pursue it with passion

Speaking of food, cats are always on the lookout for their next meal, which is another reason why you should keep your cats inside and protect our native wildlife. Cats are natural predators. There is grace in their movement, patience in their mindset, and fearless determination in their approach. From a small domestic cat to a Siberian tiger, cats are nature’s most perfect predator. Adopt this mentality in your approach to your life. Hunt out opportunities, be graceful in the way you deal with people, be prepared to prioritise what is right for you and be fearless in chasing it. Don’t give up the good fight.

Go a little crazy and make some noise

How often have we seen online videos of cats doing crazy things? Running around chasing each other, jumping on the dog, attacking toys, attacking you, meowing at birds they’re watching from the window, rolling around upside down, purposefully knocking things over, and the list goes on and on and on. The point is, cats aren’t bothered by what others think of them. If they feel the energy build up, they let it out. Adopt this care-free attitude. Get a little wild, get a litte crazy, and enjoy yourself.

Be weird

As well as being a little crazy, cats often do really weird things. I remember last summer, I awoke to my cat licking my armpit. Dude, it’s 3am and you’re licking my armpit… weird. I’m not suggesting you start licking people’s armpits at 3am, that’s generally frowned upon; however, what you can do is embrace your inner oddball and do things that others think are strange or quirky without fear of judgement. Dance like no one is watching, if you will. Life is too short to cruise through it at half-pace. We need a little more ‘weird’ in the world. Let it out!

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