20 Local Photographers to Focus in On

Oh, Snap!

20 Local Photographers to Focus in On

Be careful – these 20 fantastic photographers are known to shoot! And shoot well at that. Each and every one knows their way around the old lens and will make any scene look stunnin’. Best of all, they may live just around the corner! Check out this curated list of 20 Local Photographers to really focus in on.

📷: @anwynhowarth

Anwyn Howarth

An eye for minimalism and architecture, Anwyn Howarth delivers the photography goods.

📷: @createdbyg

Created By G

Based in Ipswich, Created By G specialises in performances and portraits, slaying the photography business at a young age.

📷: @elouise_photographer


Elouise’s photos of interiors and fashion are to die for.

📷: @arlo_photography_

Arlo Photography

Arlo Photography will not only capture your special day, but make you feel like a million bucks.

📷: @ronia_gb

Ronia GB

Having your brand, portraits or events taken by Ronia GB is like catching up with an old friend.

📷: @alexsitsworld

Alex Sit Photography

Alex Sit Photography is a man of many talents. He will capture branding, landscape, portraits, real estate – pretty much anything.

📷: @bulb.creative

Bulb Creative

Give Bulb Creative’s Instagram a stalk. You’ll find you will want to pin each and every photo to your wedding board.

📷: @spark.concepts

Spark Concepts

Spark Concepts captures the beautiful moments of our lovely, local bands and artists.

📷: @troyjegersphoto

Troy Jegers

Capturing people like Amy Shepard from Shepard, it’s clear Troy Jegers has some serious talent.

📷: @thephotostudioaustralia

The Photo Studio

Beauty through the lens! The photo studio is professional, sleek, and stylish.

📷: @genevievealtheaphotography

Genevieve Althea

Genevieve Althea’s portfolio can transport you to a mystical mountaintop in the midst of Iceland or to a gorgeous, locally grown wedding.

📷: @josephbyford

Joseph Byford

Joseph Byford’s eye for commercial shooting will make your business (and colleagues) look stunning.

📷: @withlauryn

With Lauryn

Fashion, lifestyle and portrait photography is With Lauryn’s area of expertise, and to say she kills it is an understatement.

📷: @emma_jane_sheldrake

Emma Sheldrake

Not only can the multi award-winning Emma Sheldrake point and shoot, she has many other talents such as a spectacular visual artist, graphic designer, videographer and stylist.

📷: @leahdesboroughphotographer

Leah Desborough

From corporate shooting, to marketing and PR, Leah Desborough does wonders with a lens.

📷: @celiafaithphoto

Celia Faith

Our guess for Celia Faith’s secret ingredient to her wedding and engagement shoots is literal magic.

📷: @nira.creative

Nira Creative

Nira Creative can work a camera, that’s for sure. Check out that architecture!

📷: @juditloshphotographer

Judit Losh

As if food didn’t look good enough as is, Judit Losh has our mouths watering.

📷: @atmospherebrisbane

Atmosphere Photography

Atmosphere Photography captures the heart of Brisbane, including events like Brisbane Festival.

📷: @danielfaintphoto

Daniel Faint

Daniel Faint can balance the sincerity and laughs of a wedding day in the perfect shoot.

These locally grown and loved pic-snappers would love to shoot your next thang, whatever that may be. Book them in for your needs today!

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