7 classic books worth the read

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7 classic books worth the read

Everyone’s been subjected to reading at least a couple of classic stories in their time. High schools have a tendency to keep old literature on rotation, and as you get a bit older you’ll also be inundated by some of the worst people ever: The kind that constantly suggest really old boring books, written by, old, stuffy men, because they’re ‘classics’. Well, this just in: Just because a book is considered a classic, it doesn’t actually make it good! Sometimes they’re just long and hard to read for no reason. Of course, everyone is entitled to their own opinions and tastes, so here’s our list of classic stories that we think are actually fun and interesting.

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The Handmaid’s Tale

Written by Margaret Atwood, published 1985, and recently adapted to a TV show, as we’re sure you’ve noticed, the novel follows Offred. She’s a woman living in the ‘near-future’ in a now totalitarian state. It’s a frightening insight into a misogyny driven future that sees women kept as property, amongst other things. It’s a compelling read, and it won't fail to keep your interest throughout. Plus once you’ve finished the book, you can jump into the TV show with a bit of background knowledge!

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Brothers Grimm collection:

The Brothers Grimm bring all your favourite fairy tales to life in the way they were always intended: harsh, dark, and twisted. The original stories show all those now-Disney Princesses in a different light, and it kind of feels like the Brothers had a great idea of how to instil morals into kids: just scare the crap out of them.

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This one’s a bit self-explanatory when it comes to what it’s about, and everyone’s probably seen some rendition of the story in movie form. But the original was written by Mary Shelley, when she was only 18, as part of a competition between her and two other authors. It’s credited as one of the earlier science fictions stories written, and the fact that it gained such success at that time, being written by a young woman, is exciting in of itself. If you’re a horror fan looking for your next read, or you’re just getting into the genre, Frankenstein is a great place to start.

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The Little Prince:

Translated from French and written by Antoine de Saint-Exupery in 1943, The Little Prince is probably one of the world’s favourite stories. It follows a Little Prince from an asteroid that we here on Earth call B-612. The narrator, The Pilot, stumbles across the Prince after crash landing in the dessert, and all that comes next is a cluster of life lessons that everyone could benefit from, written in the sweetest, most whimsical manner any day-dreamer could ask for.

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The Little Mermaid:

This is another one of those stories whose adaptations have become more famous than the original: and don’t get us wrong, the Disney adaptation is great. But the book has a slightly different vibe, and is much more grown up. While it’s not a huge read, it will definitely give you something to think about, and don’t be surprised if it feels a little more like a tragedy than romance.

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Flowers In The Attic

If you like a story that’s going to give you the creeps, this is the one for you. The book details a twisted story of four siblings convinced by their widowed mother to hide away in order for her to reclaim a family fortune. Published 1979 and written by V. C. Andrews, if you’re going to commit to this read, be prepared for plot twists and discomfort.

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The Far Away Tree Books:

You may have heard the stories of Enid Blyton’s The Faraway tree when you were little, but re-reading the books, as an adult, will make you appreciate them even more. Moonface, Silky, and all the kids will spin you back into the dreamlike stories with ease, and there’s nothing like getting lost in an old favourite on a weekend.

So there you go, a short list of classics that we actually find enjoyable! While it’s sometimes hard to find interesting old-school literature, keeping an open mind is always key, and it’s important to always try to read stories by people with different perspectives to your own! Look out for books and stories by people that may not have been as celebrated as the old white dudes in their time, too. Either way, happy reading!

This is by no way an extensive list - we have heaps of other suggestions too... stay tuned...

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