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Ten Tips to Become a Morning Person

Cos the early bird gets the worm, right??

Ten Tips to Become a Morning Person

Another Monday is rolling round and you just want to feel energetic and start ticking off those morning goals. Everyone says that the early bird gets the worm, that sunrise is the best time of day, that you can get heaps done before 9am…. Well… it’s worth a shot, right? Us night owls need to get some new tricks...

Rise and #slay sunshine… it’s time to get that a$$ out of bed earlier so you can get on with it….

Here are some tips and trips guaranteed to work (but no steak knives)… Ok, they work for me anyway!!!

TIP #1 - Tell yourself you will get up early tomorrow

Prepare yourself by even deciding in your mind what outfit you want to wear so you don’t have to spend time thinking about it in the morning.

TIP #2 - Think about the things you could achieve getting up earlier

A morning gym session?

A COOKED breakfast with time to clean the dishes?

TIP #3 - Set your alarms earlier than you usually get up

Getting up at 7am? How about 6? Or if your feeling ambitious, what about 5am?

Then don’t forget to snooze all of them tomorrow

TIP #4 - Get into bed earlier

It’s been a long week so why not reward yourself with an early bedtime? And then scroll through all your socials and the endless stream of Facebook videos until they lull you to sleep

TIP #5 - Snooze your first alarm

An extra 5 minutes sleep is going to make a world of difference to your mood when you get up for the next alarm

TIP #6 -Sleep through the rest of your alarms

You are in pure sleep bliss….unaware your alarms have all been going off. Ps. Change your alarm ringtone sunshine!

TIP #7 - Finally wake up in a panic realising you slept through your alarms

Now it’s nearly 7:30 and you’re running late AGAIN but that adrenaline rush will get you ready faster.

TIP #8 - Put on that outfit you planned last night

Quickly realise it looked NOTHING like you had planned in your mind last night and rummage through your entire wardrobe for something to wear, only to resort back to the same outfit you wear nearly every other day.

TIP #9 - Skip breakfast

Who has time to cook at this hour? Get a coffee with an extra shot on your way to work. Coffee is my spirit animal. I like my wo/men like I like my coffee… strong, dark and tall.

TIP #10 - Swear you’ll get up earlier tomorrow

But we both know it won’t happen. Be strong I whisper to my coffee and wi-fi….

Maybe you won’t sleep in tomorrow but the concoction of the cosiness of your bed with the comfortability of your routine morning Facebook scrolling is bound to keep you from completing any extra (optional) morning activities. And why should you surrender to the societal expectations of morning productivity? Beat to you own drum and keep #slaying. Just do you bae.­­ We got your back, front and zzzzzz’s.

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Stephanie Honeychurch

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