The Best Drinking Game Movies

#DrinkResponsibly (Or Not!)

The Best Drinking Game Movies

There should be nothing simple about a drinking game. They need to be silly, have variety and these movies are perfect for that. They’re the best alternative to a rainy Saturday night, and this list will range from the ‘one schooner wonder’ to the more advanced for the pros. Get ready to swap the popcorn for shot or two (or three, or four... or more)!

P.S For the competitive one in your group remember, it’s just a game.


This one is a good opener to warm up with. Enjoy a cold one while watching this cult hit that is not a romantic movie because it has the Gos in it. While he stunts in the getaway car, you can stun your friends with all the shots you'll take during the movie!

Take a drink when:

  • There is an long silence/staring between characters
  • The word drive or driver is heard
  • Ryan Gosling looks sad

BONUS: Whenever Bryan Cranston is on screen, must drink until he isn’t


Sharks and tornadoes... a terrifyingly horrible combination, and not for the reasons you think. Bringing the violence of the sea to the skies, Sharknado is a whirlwind of a ride and - lets be honest - the only way to survive this movie is by playing this game.

Take a drink when:

  • The word ‘shark’ is said
  • Someone screams and/or dies
  • You cringe

BONUS: Drink whenever a shark appears.

Any Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Movie

You can watch any one of his movies because he plays the same character in everything but he’s not just a one trick pony, he’s a hundred million dollar one trick pony. Whether he be a tooth fairy, a bulked-up lifeguard, a teen-turned-buff-video-game-character, or Hercules himself - The Rock rocks, so make sure you've got your drink on the rocks handy!

Take a drink when:

  • He flexes
  • He does something unrealistic
  • He does the eyebrow thing

BONUS: Drink whenever anything muscle-related is mentioned/seen.

John Wick

Rapid fire shooting = rapid fire drinking. Strap yourself in for an explosive, action-packed tale of love, loss, and bloody revenge (but mostly the last two)!

Take a drink when:

  • John kills a bad guy
  • A character asks if John is ‘back’ or ‘working again’
  • John reloads

BONUS: Drink whenever someone comments that Keanu Reeves looks good for 50 (Will happen, because he does)


Yeah, it's a crime-comedy... but at what cost? This movie is stuffed with thick pommy accents and gypsy slurs, absolutely no subtitles allowed here. Complete with a good old fashioned 86-carat diamond up for grabs, and an all-star cast with Brad Pitt, Benicio del Toro, Jason Statham, and many more... it's time to snatch up those drinks and get cozy for some chugging.

Take a drink when:

  • You can’t understand Brad Pitt
  • A character’s name is mentioned
  • Jason Statham says ‘ze Germans’

BONUS: Drink when a character narrates.

Pulp Fiction

The Tarantino Special. The Ultimate Challenge. Play this game at your own discretion, and for the love of everything good, please be careful. Ezekiel 25:17 is not joke, and neither is this game.

Take a drink when:

  • Anyone swears
  • Someone lights up a cigarette
  • Someone is killed

BONUS: Everyone must dance along during the diner dance scene.

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