Behind Brisbane Brewing Co.'s Kitchen

Meet Chef Paul Kelly

Behind Brisbane Brewing Co.'s Kitchen

The Good Guide is here to show off our local legends. Local is lovely and this chef is a superstar. Meet Paul Kelly, the man behind the kitchen magic at West End's iconic local micro-brewery, Brisbane Brewing Co. Read more about this creative cook, passionate soul and see what makes him tick!

Name: Paul Kelly

Nickname: Pauly / Chef

What do you love most about what you do: The people I work with and the people I cook for. Using fresh ingredients, challenging and working with the best suppliers, finding out what’s on trend in food, and finding inspiration from those around me.

Describe a day in the life of you: Wake up at 9am, ride to work, work until 11pm, drink a beer…or three, ride home, days off with my son

What are you passionate about: Cooking and art (and beer)

What’s your life philosophy: Find balance in your life. And, grow my dreadlocks back… I’m missing my mojo man

5 words that describe you: Hairy, sarcastic, chilled, passionate, alive

What did you want to be when you grow up: A tiger. Or an artist.

Three people (dead or alive) you would invite to a dinner party, and why: My family back in Melbourne… I’ve never really cooked for my parents before.

If you turned into a bird, which bird would you be: A Magpie, why not?

In an alternate universe, what would you be doing: Being an artist

You are kidnaped and held for ransom. What TV series would you have come and rescue you: Mr Pickles

What is your favourite holiday destination: Melbourne. I’m a Melburnian! The football, the food, the weather, the coffee, from the beaches to the countryside and all the hook turns in between; I love it all

Favourite places in Brisbane to:

o Eat: Jackpot Noodles, West End

o Drink Rumpus Room, West End

o Chef Brisbane Brewing Co., West End

o Relax Home

o Shop The Internet; who doesn’t love receiving packages in the mail

o To Impress Vic Market

o Culture/Arts The Powerhouse

o Event Ocean St Night Market

o Sundays I work on Sundays…so, Brisbane Brewing Co.

Brisbane’s best kept secret is: ME Ok then, enough about me, how about the Beer Garden at Brewhouse Woolloongabba, especially late at night when we relax after work for a few well-earned brews.

My inspirational quote: Add a drop of lavender to your milk, leave town with an orange, and pretend you’re laughing at it.

Next exciting thing for me is: My son Frankie starting Kindy. Reckon it’ll be a happy sad bittersweet slow fast first day of the rest of his life kind of day.

Anything else about YOU YOU YOU: Chefing was my third major career change in my life. Previously Roof tiling and working as an arborist were my chosen professions. But I’ve landed on my feet. I love working with food and the fact that it’s immersed in beer is just a bonus. Who knows what I’ll do next? Something creative, no doubt. Any ideas?