Word On The Street #115

New menu, who dis?

Word On The Street #115
Out with the old and in with the new (well, sort of). Staying on top of seasonal foodie trends and produce is something most Brisbane eateries take pride in #lucky. Menus are continually being updated and tweaked to suit, not only our wants and needs, but also, what's current, fresh and locally sourced. We've had the privilege of taste-testing a number of new breakfast, lunch, dinner and drink menus over the past few weeks, and we think you should try them too. Be quick though, time fly's when you're having fun and before you know it, it'll be spring and the menus will be different again!

Pineapple Express | New Menu

New menu, who dis? The gang at Pineapple Express are excited to announce the arrival of new goodies on their drool-worthy menu! From epic vegan share boards to turmeric & lemon protein pancakes, sweet bowls, savoury bowls and everything else in between. Round up the foodie gang and head over to their superfood cafe at Portside Warf today!

Miss Bliss | New Menu

As the seasons change, so do many of Brisbane's favourite cafe's menus (and we ain't complaining). Miss Bliss are always keeping things fresh and up to date and their new winter menu is totally on point. Inspired by the toasty Amalfi Coast you can expect to see dishes like the crispy skinned salmon w/ rosemary roasted kipfler potatoes, while the house-made rawtella vegan French toast and white balsamic glazed strawberry crumble have been praised by those with a sweet tooth. Their dishes are not only insta-worthy, they're tasty AF too.

Eagle Street Pier | New Winter Menu's

Our favourite Riverside eateries, Pony Dining, Aria and Cha Cha Char are all sporting new winter menus which are a total must-try. Live pacific oysters with smoked creme and trout roe and beef tartar soft tacos are just two new canape's you can find on the Pony Dining menu, along with the tasty Breakfast At Tiffany's cocktail. Aria's new entree's are to die for - we're talking tuna and honey bug with wasabi and black radish, kingfish and sea urchin with kohlrabi and parsley, and lamb with brussel sprouts and sherry. How does wagyu beef brisket served with adobo glaze, pickled daikon, soybean paste and dipping sauces sound? That's Cha Cha Char's new winter menu main, and it's irresistible.

The Merry Widow | 22 - 30 June

There's nothing quite like a night at the opera - the glitz & glam, champagne, costumes and of course, sheer talent! Showing from June 22 - 30 at QPAC is The Merry Widow. The breathtaking performance tells the story of a beguiling widow, an inadvertent heiress of a city's fortune after just eight days of marriage. Fearing the loss of their riches, the society set are determined that she must wed a local, and soon, before any foreigner catches her gaze. There's plenty of love (and laughter) to go around in this story of amorous encounters and elegant romance. Add a little sparkle to your next date night and head over to QPAC to see The Merry Widow while it's showing.

Teneriffe Festival | July 7

If there's one thing we love it's a giant street party. We're super dooper excited for the return of the Teneriffe Festival this July 7. The event program is kaleidoscopic in its diversity, boasting everything from folk music through to punk rock, health and fitness through to cheese, champagne and oysters. Stroll along the riverside streets and through hidden lane ways, discovering the festivals carefully curated program of entertainment and street acts, local restaurants, food vendors, market stalls and displays as well as a glorious Kids Zone and dozens of community groups. Entry to the Teneriffe Festival is free and there are plenty of public transport options available to help get you there!

Little Valley | Fortitude Valley

The lads behind Rick Shores have done it again with the recent opening of their cool AF new eatery, Little Valley in Fortitude Valley. Mimicking the manic streets of Hong Kong, Little Valley is described as a 'neo-Chinese dining hall' with it's rich, diverse Chinese dining scene elements scattered throughout the venue. You've got food in one area and a bar in the other for those who'd just like to rehydrate. Doors opened last Friday so be sure to check it out asap!

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