Lash It Up At Brooklyn Beauty Bar

Luxury Is Just A Beauty Bar Away

Lash It Up At Brooklyn Beauty Bar

Hello my fellow lovers of luxury! Lash it up with your besties at Brooklyn Beauty Bar and get styled up for the soirée season (all-year round right!). Grab your squad for a mani-pedi party and get pampered and preened like you're a New York Queen! Did we mention the complimentary bubbles? #timetogetpoppin

Let's get the party started, right from the top - the lashes. Brooklyn Beauty Bar is ready to give you those long, sweeping, seductive lashes that you've always wanted!

With a lash extension, you can trade the mascara for some extra down time before dancing the night away (and no more smudging is always a bonus)! Best of all? The lashes are customisable - so you can be as dramatic as you like, for once!

Lacking a little curl in your lashy life? Never fear, the lash lift is here! You've heard of perming your hair, and your lashes are no different - say bye bye to lash curlers (at least for 4 to 6 weeks)! Now when people ask "you look different - did you change your hair"? You can innocently bat your lengthy lashes and say no without lying!

Are lashes a bit low-brow for you? It's time to get the Brookie Brows experience - the talented beauticians don't skimp on the detail or precision. No two faces are the same and as such stencils or a quick pluck will never give you the brows you desire that perfectly frame your features.

A mani-Möet, luxe lashes, and beautiful brows are just a beauty bar away - at Brooklyn Beauty Bar!