The Tivoli

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Rolling Stones style

Early last century, Australia’s Tivoli Circuit was the Big Day Out of vaudeville - four cities, big crowds, lots of touring acts. Among them, mimes. Then came television, which killed off the Tivoli Circuit but not the miming. Thankfully a venue called The Tivoli was built to counter the lip-syncing silence with the rattle and howl of live music. It’s the sort of place that will turn you deaf as grandma. Indeed, grandma may have partied here. Her phone number may still be written in lipstick on the backstage mirror Nick Cave once coiffed his quiff in. Yes, few venues can match The Tivoli’s intimate relationship between act and audience and all this art deco refinement can make you feel you’ve ventured into a posh manor house with a band, some booze and some groupies, Rolling Stones style. Needless to say you may want to mime the story you tell later to protect the ears of the innocent. Check the web for upcoming acts.

  • Inner City
  • p. 07 3852 1711
    52 Costin St, Fortitude Valley

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