Empire Revival

h. Mon - Sat: 10- 5 Sun: 10 - 4
Paddington Antique Centre reinvented.

Empire Revival is the reinvention of the iconic Paddington Antique Centre.

PAC is the oldest surviving antique centre in Australia. When PAC was founded in 1985, the company focussed on carrying a wide range of antiques and collectables. Today, people live differently and shop differently.

Empire Revival is evolving to be more of a contemporary boutique department store. They now also stock interesting, unusual and good quality, jewellery, fashion, furniture, and homewares, some of which will be new, pre-loved or recycled.

People from all walks of life, and with all manner of tastes, can now ‘find their style’ at Empire Revival. I swear I saw Marilyn Monroe there last week. Shhhh!

  • p. 07 3369 8088
    167 Latrobe Terrace Paddington Qld 4064

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