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Hi there good looking,

Welcome to the nest. Let us show you around the coop…


The Good Guide is a luxury lifestyle guide showing off the best in the nest. The Local Hunter lovingly produces The Good Guide Gold Coast for the conscience urban collective.

We are like the little black book for lifestyle secrets only locals know, except we come in many different fun colours! We want to get in your pants, we are with you on the move and fit in your pocket and little skinny jeans (24/7 access to our digital nest). Yes, we’re your best friend with benefits, always up to show you a good time, but no strings attached.

Or maybe think of us like The GodFeather - The Good Guide is your number one hit list of where’s hot right now. We want you to have the time of your life.

The Good Guide originally hatched in June 2010 at the back of the Ryan Renshaw Art Gallery in Fortitude Valley, and has since grown a loyal and growing flock of over 1.49 million cross platform followers. The Local Hunter now proudly produces The Good Guide. We are here to curate life styles to the best in the local nest.


You can find the printed guide in any business listed in each seasonal guide, most inner-city Gold Coast, Brisbane & South-East Qld boutique and five star hotels, cinemas, galleries, info centres, selected real estates and everywhere that matters.

The guide is online, a flip book and we update news daily to keep you on the pulse. So wherever you are connected to the net on your device, we are with you on the go for your busy lifestyle. You can rely on us for a good time and we’ll be there!


The Good Guide is a seasonal eGuide to the best in the nest. Yes, that’s Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. We also lovingly print the guide bi-annually.

We are more than just a gorgeous printed guide with a gold pigeon on the front. We are there for you 24/7 with our digital nests with our online guide, digital flip book, blogs, e-newsletter, social media and more.


Our mantra is local is lovely. You want a good time, then let us show you the way. Life is all about choices. We want people to choose local, choose independent and to choose the good life.

We connect, collaborate, create and care about community and culture. We are about ideas, innovation, sustainability, creativity, meaningful lifestyles without compromising style. You can have your cake and eat it too. Dare to dream big…

Our goal is to spread our wings to connect our nests with local culture. We want to create glocal goodness and support dreamers everywhere (yes, glocal is a word - think local on a global level - you can support local wherever you are!). We are all one tribe (Will.I.Am & the Peas’s sing it best yo), and have one life so follow your dreams and represent like the high flyer you are.


The Local Hunter lovingly produces The Good Guide. Independent and powered by a passionate flock of locals who spend most of their time taking one for the team - eating, drinking, dancing, shopping and exploring. It’s a hard job, but someone has to do it! We are lifestyle curators, here to help you live the good life (hence we are The Good Guide!).


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