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GC Word on the Street #65

Food, Glorious Food

GC Word on the Street #65

Getting fit is nice.... But trying all the new food that the Coast has to offer is even better! We've kicked off 2018 with festivals and fun, and now it's time for the food. With Asian fusion and even food trucks popping up all along our beaches, we're busy stuffing our faces with some of the best new food that the Coast has to offer - And we think you'll love it too.

Ally Chow Asian Restaurant | Nobbys Beach

Did someone say Asian food? Nobbys has just welcomed in its newest addition to their restaurant life, and we're already in love. Surprising crowds with their delicious Asian fusion food, Ally Chow is introducing the Southern end of the Coast to a unique and surprisingly tasty combination of Asian food and drinks, with plenty of delicious new dishes arriving onto the menu all the time. The house favourite is the incredible Banana and Marshmellow Spring Rolls, but if you're after something savoury you can't go past their Betel Leaf with Kingfish, pomegranate, Salmon pearls and banana. Pair a dish with their Dragon Colada - It's a match made in Heaven!

Kombi Fresh Poke Bowls | Miami Marketta

They're the craze sweeping Australia, and now they're on wheels! Travelling from their humble home in Byron, the couple behind Kombi Fresh are bringing Poke Bowls to the streets of the Gold Coast, their Poke-mobile hitting up all of our favourite markets! Currently located at the favourite Miami Marketta, Kombi Fresh's entirely gluten free menu is guaranteed to please everyone, with plenty of mouthwatering combinations to pick from. Pick from Salmon, Tofu, Terikai Chicken or Falafel, and then fill it up with rice and fresh vegetables for a truly fresh Summer snack. To keep up with their movements (and maintain your Pokebowl addiction), make sure to check out their Instagram.

Pinky's | Nobbys Beach

If you haven't been down to Pinkys yet, you're missing out. Just metres from the beach on the Gold Coast Highway, Pinkys is one of the coolest new cafes in Nobbys Beach, with incredible food and coffee that you're sure to love. Open from 5am, Pinky's is the perfect place to grab your morning coffee, and with breakfast running from 6 you can come back for Brunch! For something a little more familiar, you can't go past their Smoked Salmon and Scrambled Eggs, but if you're open to something a little different, their Reuben is amazing too. Why not just try it all!

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