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The Ultimate Beachside Party Destination

6 Reasons To Plan Your Next Party At Baskk

The Ultimate Beachside Party Destination

There's two kinds of parties that we remember: The really, really cool ones, and the really, really bad ones. The last thing you want to do is to be known as that person that throws the really bad parties, so next time you're planning an epic Gold Coast party, look no further than Baskk at Kirra Point. From intimate, family gatherings to big weddings and engagement parties, they've got you (and your reputation) covered!

It's In The Perfect Location

Is there anything more 'Gold Coast' than a beachside restaurant, decked out in driftwood, soft lighting and plenty of plants? No, not really. Decorated in a stunning coastal colour scheme, Baskk gives off all of those relaxing Sunday afternoon vibes, but it doesn't just stop with the decor - They're directly opposite Coolangatta Beach! Did someone say twilight beach party?

They've Got Stunning Decor

We all know how important decor is to a good party - And the ladies at Baskk have got it down pat. From small floral pieces to giant centrepieces, the team at Baskk can curate any type of decoration that you can dream up... And you don't even have to lift a finger to set it up! #Winning!

They Can Cater For Any Size Guest List

Need somewhere to take the in-laws for a nice, Gold Coast Sunday lunch? Baskk has you covered. Looking for a place to host your wedding reception that suits your coastal theme? Baskk can do that too! Boasting a stunning split-level space perfect for everything from small family get-togethers to big beach-side weddings, no matter what your event is, Baskk can accommodate it. Offering plenty of customisable food and drinks packages, you can create the perfect event to suit your budget. Oh, and did we mention you can even book out the entire space for your own private beach-side party destination? Don't forget to send us the invites!

Their Chefs Will Create The Perfect Menu

Boasting a stunning lunch and dinner menu full of share plates, pizzas, plates of pasta, fresh seafood, salads and more, you're guaranteed to find something you love at Baskk - But if you're looking for something a little more unique, their chefs have got you covered. Offering the ability to create grazing platters and custom-made menus to suit your theme and dietary requirements, you can easily impress your guests with some seriously impressive food. Oh, and it's totally insta-worthy too... So don't forget to get that #foodporn shot!

You'll Find Your Perfect Drink

Ok, let's be real - A party that you can remember is not a good party. When your guests show up they're going to want something good to drink, so hand them a drinks menu, show them to the bar and let them create their perfect cocktail, with Baskk's talented bartenders trained to custom create the perfect sip no matter what you want to drink. Also offering a superb range of quality wines and craft beer, we promise you you'll find something perfect to sip on all night!

They Will Help You Plan It!

We all know that party planning is fun - But it's a whole lot more fun (and a whole lot less stressful) when you have someone to help plan it with you! From organising the perfect table centrepiece to creating the perfect menu for your reception, Baskk's talented team can help to take the stress out of planning any event - So what are you waiting for? We'll see you there soon!

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