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Your Go-To Guide For Girl's Night

7 Ways To Spend Your Next Girls Night

Your Go-To Guide For Girl's Night

We all need our gal pals sometimes. They're our sisters, our best friends and our soul mates all rolled into one, and life wouldn't be the same without them. Whether it's getting them to check for something in our teeth, confirming that that dress doesn't make us look fat, getting rescued from an awkward date or calling them at all hours when we get dumped, our gal pals are there for everything. So when girls night comes around, there's nothing better than putting on some lippy, grabbing a pair of heels and heading out! Whether you enjoy a quiet night at home or a night of crazy indulgence, everything is always a million times better with our friends.

Top Golf | Oxenford

Sometimes there's nothing more satisfying than taking out your mid-week frustration on a bunch of balls (we do mean the golfing kind), and Top Golf is one of the coolest new places on the Coast - So why not grab the gals and hit some balls? Whether you're a golfing pro or don't even know how to hold the club, you and your gal pals are sure to have a ball. Order some food, order some drinks and get cozy in the booth, taking turns between golfing and gossip while sipping cocktails and eating snacks. Get hoppy!

Aviary Rooftop Bar | Southport

Is there anywhere better to sip in style than the Coast's exclusive new rooftop bar? Nestled above the Mantra Hotel, spread your wings and fly up to Aviary Rooftop Bar, where you'll be greeted by the sprawling Suferrs skyline and the Bar's chic, clean design. Grab your flock and nestle in among the plants where you can treat yourselves to decadent cocktails and authentic Italian Pizza, as well as plenty of share plates and wine. Pull on some heels and grab a frock - I think I hear the rooftop calling!

Food & Wine Tour

Ok, so it's not exactly a girls 'night' activity, but is there anything better than spending a day indulging in some of the Coast's best food and wine? I didn't think so. Sometimes the best way to bond with your gal pals is to spend an afternoon wandering around the Coast eating food and drinking wine, and there's no better way to do that than with Gold Coast Food & Wine Tours. Running most Saturday's from 2pm, book you and your gal pals in for a tour (or create your own personalised tour!) and indulge in food from some of the best restaurants in Broadbeach, Burleigh or Surfers - Then finish it off with wine! Cheers!

Holey Moley | Surfers Paradise

Not a fan of golf? Just add alcohol! Straight down Surfers Paradise Boulevard, Holey Moley is the boozy (and more entertaining) sister of putt putt golf, combining golf, karaoke and cocktails into an epic night of fun! Grab your gal pals and strut your putt along their 18-hole course, or sing your heart out at karaoke in one of their private rooms. Fully equipped with an incredible cocktail bar, it'll make any night of golf more memorable!

Beachside Markets

The best cure to any kind of stress is shopping therapy, and with Winter finally coming to a close emerging from our comfy dens and heading out suddenly looks like a much more manageable option. The coast is full of pop-up markets every weekend (and some week nights) containing thousands of cute new outfits and trinkets, and you and your gal pals are almost certain to find something you all love amongst the racks. Eat at home before you go or hit up one of the many food trucks for the perfect late night snack, then spend your evening by the beach perusing the racks and shelves for the next boutique treasure. Check out Burleigh Village Markets, Surfers Paradise Beachfront, Miami Marketta or Carrara Markets next girls night - You might just find the perfect piece!

Crafting Classes | The Craft Parlour

It can be difficult trying to find a way to shake up the working week. While you can always rely on copious amount of alcohol to make the week more (or less) memorable, sometimes all you need is to do something different. Whether you're creatively talented or you're likely to glue your fingers together, The Craft Parlour in Palm Beach offers unique and super fun ways to shake up your gal time a little, with heaps of simple and more complex crafting sessions available for your next night out. Take part in their ever popular Paint n' Sip evenings, or paint, mold, thread and create in their more tailored evenings. Make your own candles, craft your own teapots, paint with resin and watercolour or learn how to make your own macrame creations... The list goes on, but the numbers are limited for each session, so grab the girls and save your spot!

Pamper Sesh

Do I need to say more? Unless you spend all your time meditating in your pyjamas while surrounded by puppies, chances are a good pamper sesh will do you a world of good, and who better to do it with than all your best girl friends? Stock up on candles, face masks, junk food and fluffy bath robes and invite everyone over to your place for an evening of indulgence, or if you're feeling a little fancier book yourselves in for a spa day or a group pamper sesh!

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