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A Ladies Guide To Winter Fashion

Your Winter Wardrobe Essentials In 2018

A Ladies Guide To Winter Fashion

If you've been out to the shops recently, you would have noticed that the short-shorts and crop tops that usually occupy the shelves of most clothing retailers have been swapped out for skinny jeans and jackets. Winter may still be a few months away but retailers are in full seasonal swing, and if you want to make the most of this seasons fashion trends, you better get in quick.

Ankle Boots

A good pair of ankle boots is a necessity in any woman's wardrobe, and with Winter coming back around it's time to update our shoe closet with the latest pairs to hit the pavement. Whether you're pairing them with a long flowy dress or a pair of tailored pants for a chic, more sophisticated look, a good pair of ankle boots can take any outfit from incomplete to incredible.

Tailored Jacket

If we're totally honest Australia isn't cold enough most of the time to need a big, heavy jacket, but a well-fitting jacket is an absolute necessity in every Winter wardrobe. Fitted biker jackets are particularly popular this Winter, and are particularly good to layer over more Summery pieces, but if you're heading to a colder climate (or just want to make sure you're always nice and warm), one quality, well-fitting Coat is always important to own.

Skinny Jeans\Tailored Pants

Not everyone wears pants on a daily basis, but a good pair of skinny jeans or at least a quality pair of tailored pants are essential to have this Winter. Easy to dress up with a jacket and pair of boots or dress down with converse, a couple of pairs of well-fitting skinny jeans can be used in almost any situation. If you're not a jeans person or you don't wear pants on a day-to-day basis, a pair of tailored pants can be a good way to improve your Winter wardrobe. Don't be afraid to use bright colours either - Combine a bright pant with a more neutral top for a stylish, sophisticated look.

Tassel Earrings

So they're not exactly 'Winter-specific', but tassel earrings are making a big appearance in the fashion world this Winter, and we think they're a pretty important inclusion in your wardrobe this season. Collect a couple of different colours and combine them together with a lipstick or bag to brighten up your whole look!

Chunky Scarf

It's not always cold enough outside to need a jacket, but a chunky scarf can be a stylish saviour for those cool (but not quite cold) days out. Invest in a chunky knit scarf in a nude or simple colour to combine with a jacket and boots for those truly winter days, or grab a couple of wrap scarves that you can throw on in the morning and easily stow away once it warms up. Look for prints and brighter colours in wrap scarves for a nice pop of colour.

Whatever you wear this season... darling, just f**king own it! #slay

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