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Build Your Summer Bod

Build A Bangin' Bod Right In Time For Summer

Build Your Summer Bod

We all know the saying - Summer bodies were made in Winter. With the temperature hitting single digits and the sun going down around 5, it's much easier to think about curling up in bed than it is to get up and get sweaty. If we want to have banging Summer bods when Christmas rolls around, we'll have to put in the work... But the least we can do is make it fun!

#WERKIT Twerk Dance Fitness

We've all twerked at least once, (yes, we know you've twerked in your bedroom before), but did you know you can get fit while you do it? Introducing #WERKIT Twerk Fitness... The dance class where you can shake your butt to get fit! Running Twerk Fitness and Booty Builder sessions, Twerk Fitness is a sexy and fun way to get that peachy booty right in time for Summer, with 7 classes across Helensvale, Southport, Molendinar and Broadbeach to help you shake your way to sexy! But don't be fooled... It's not easy!

Lights Out and Dance

Remember back in your school disco days when you'd dress up and bust out all of your coolest moves on the dance floor in front of your peers? That's essentially the idea behind Lights Out and Dance - But it's totally in the dark. Pull on your best dancing shoes and dance like nobody's watching, with no teacher, no choreo and no worries! Hosted on Monday and Wednesday nights, it's the perfect cure for Mondayitis or the Hump Day blues - All you have to do is bring the moves!

Pole Fitness

When we think of Pole Fitness we all think of sexy pole dancers twirling around a pole - But it's actually much harder than you think. Working your arms, legs, back, abs and a whole bunch of other muscles that you didn't even know existed, Pole Fitness is a serious sport, with hour-long classes specifically designed to help you get fit while you have fun. Run at various times and locations right around the Gold Coast you'll be able twirl your way to a hotter bod just about anywhere!


All that bending, balancing and twisting yourself into a pretzel not only helps your balance and flexibility, but it's a serious work out too! Yoga has been helping people to control their minds and bodies since the beginning of time, and it's a surprisingly good way to help build your bod for Summer! Work your abs, arms, legs and more in one of the many classes around the Coast, with plenty of times and places to work around your schedule perfectly. Looking for something a little more challenging? Why not add silks and make it aerial yoga!

Bounce Inc

Remember the days when you used to spend hours just jumping on the trampoline? Now you can do that again! The Coast's only dedicated indoor trampoline park, you can bounce to your hearts content or book yourself into a class, with Flight Academy and Parkour Classes available to help turn you from flab to ab. Learn how to flip or fly through the air, or just bounce around the room - With plenty of trampolines, there's room for everyone!

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Aimee Higgins

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