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Can You Speak Australian?

Learn Aussie Slang

Can You Speak Australian?

Get up to date on some of the most relevant Aussie (Australian) slang in today's modern world. Learn how to spot a bogan, to avoid the devil’s drink that is goon, and how to not be labelled a wuss. If you don’t read this article, you’re taking the piss.

Are you taking the piss?

If you ask someone if they’re taking the piss, you’re asking if they are joking or not.


Just your typical Aussie male.


Good old bogans…if you don’t know what this word means refrain from calling people bogans because some may get offended. A bogan is pretty much just your typical unsophisticated human being that may lack intelligence and be a little too obsessed with their car.

Flat out

If you’re flat out at work, you’re really busy.

Full on

If someone is really full on, they’re very intense.


There’s a lot of mixed opinions about goon. It’s a very non-classy way of drinking wine. Goon comes in a silver sack but instead of pouring it into glasses, you drink it straight from the ‘sack’.

I’d go there

If you’re interested in someone and someone asks you if you would date them, you’d answer “I’d go there”. This means that you would be willing to get to know them.

Mates rates

We all love mates rates! Mates rates are the ‘special’ prices you receive from friends that have businesses or get discounts from retail stores they work at.


Everyone hates mozzies. Bloody bastard things! Mozzie is short for mosquito, because Australians shorten every word possible.

My Shout

If it’s your shout, it means that you’re buying it. “I’ll shout you a drink” means you’re going to buy them a drink.

Off ya chops

This is the equivalent of saying someone is really drunk. Although, you can also describe someone as off their chops if they’ve just said something or done something crazy.

Piss weak

If something is piss weak, it means it's a poor effort. If someone is piss weak, they’re just really weak. “That’s piss weak from you mate” would be seen as someone being a disappointment.


Ahh, a good old roadie. A roadie is an alcoholic beverage you’re taking with you in the car when you haven’t quite finished your drink before your Uber arrives. I don’t suggest you try this one at home... you may end up with a fine.


Tradies are men or women who work a trade. Short for tradesmen.

Woop woop

If you ask someone where a town is and they reply with, “Somewhere out woop woop,” they mean that the place is very far away…at least in their eyes.


A wuss is a sook. A sook is someone who is overly scared or weak.

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