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Ten Totally Instagrammable Acai Bowls You Have To Try This Summer

Get Your Acai Fix

Acai - We can't get enough of it. Often covered in fruit and flowers and served in coconut shells, we're certainly spoiled for choice when it comes to places to pick up the perfect Acai Bowl. With Summer rolling around already Acai Bowls are looking a whole lot more appealing, so we figured we'd make a list of some of the best one's out there to brighten up your Insta-feed this Summer - And just to sweeten the deal, they even taste amazing too! #TotallyInstaworthy

Cardamom Pod | Southport & Broadbeach

Cardamom Pod is known for their seriously delicious (and totally instagrammable) dishes, so it's no surprise that their Acai Bowls have made this list! Located in both Southport and Broadbeach, Cardamom Pot proudly boasts an entirely Vegan menu, serving up all of our favourite dishes (Pancakes and Waffles included) without the added animal products! They're also pretty famous for their Smoothie and Acai Bowls, making a traditional Acai Bowl as well as a totally drool-worthy Snickers Acai Bowl and a PBJ Smoothie Bowl that's perfect for Summer! Just don't forget your camera - You'll definitely want to Instagram this one!

Caffe Republic | Bundall

Looking for somewhere to eat that'll cater for your Paleo Mother, Vegan sister and carnivorous brother? Caffe Republic has you covered! Creating food that caters for literally everyone, Caffe Republic creates not only super delicious dishes (including Eggs Bennie's, Vanilla Pancakes, Paleo Pulled Pork and a Brekky Burrito), but they also have an awesome range of Whip Bowls! Using Acai, Coco Whip or Dragonfruit Whip and covered in a huge range of toppings - Including (but not limited to) berries, fruit, peanut butter and caramel sauce - Caffe Republic's Acai and Whip Bowls are totally to die for! And they're Gluten-Free, Vegan, Dairy-Free and Paleo, so pretty much anyone can eat them too! Brunch date, anyone?

Pier B Wholefood Cafe | Sanctuary Cove

If you haven't been to Pier B in Sanctuary Cove yet... Why not!? This little cafe in The Marine Village may have only been open for a little over six months, but it's certainly making its mark on the Coast, proudly serving up super tasty and super healthy food all day, 'erryday! Serving up Vegan Waffles, Vegan Burgers, super colourful salads and amazing Acai Bowls alongside plenty of delicious snacks, Pier B has you covered for pretty much every meal of the day! Oh, and did we mention they have an all day breakfast menu? So you can get an Acai Bowl basically whenever you want!

Kiss The Berry | Burleigh Heads

With a name like Kiss The Berry, how can anyone doubt that their Acai Bowls are any less than totally to die for? Totally dedicated to producing only the best Acai products, Kiss The Berry whips up Acai Bowls, Acai Smoothies, Acai Whip Bowls and even Acai Coffee (what!?) like it's nobodies business, decorating all of their bowls with fresh fruit, muesli and even real flowers to make some of the best bowls on the Coast! Also, they're located directly opposite Burleigh Beach, so you basically have to grab a takeaway Acai Bowl before you go down there this weekend - And make sure you put it on Insta!

Goji Granola Bar & Cafe | Clear Island Waters

Seriously, this place makes Acai Bowls that look so good we're not sure if it's Acai or dessert! Goji Granola Bar & Cafe is a hidden gem and it's not hard to see why - They create food fit for a mermaid! Known for their super healthy and super tasty bowls, Goji whips up something new just about every other day, with plenty of bright colours and tasty toppings to make any Acai Bowl incredible! Totally customisable, you can pick your Whip (Acai, Coconut, or one of their many, many other flavours), then decorate it to your hearts content, with fresh fruit, Vegan Churros, chocolate, coconut and even berry sauce available to help you create one of the best Acai Bowls you'll ever taste! It's a party in your mouth!

Niche & Co | Tugun

Did someone say Salted Caramel Acai Bowl?! Yes, it's a legit thing, and yes, Niche & Co in Tugun has it. Famous for their Banana Bread Pancakes, Vegan Eggs Benny and of course their super pretty Acai Bowls, Niche and Co is looking after all of our friends down the Southern end of the Coast with plenty of Vegan-Friendly, Gluten-Free and Dairy-Free options for just about everyone. Grab your gal pals and make your way down the Coast for a brunch date of Caramel Acai and Banana Bread Pancakes, or stop by for lunch and grab a Burrito, Nachos or a Poke Bowl... Or just stay for both and eat it all! Why not?

Blendlove | Southport

Sometimes it's hard (well, nearly impossible) to find sugar-free, raw and just plain healthy treats in a world full of Brownies, Pancakes and Waffles - Well, that's where Blendlove comes in. Dedicated to creating 'soul food', this place not only caters to Gluten-Free and Dairy-Free requirements, but it's entirely plant-based and sugar free! And yes, the food still tastes amazing! Serving up Pancakes, French Toast and Smashed Avo for Breakfast or lunch (did someone say French Toast for lunch?), as well as a huge range of Acai Bowls and Smoothies (including their ever-popular Unicorn Bowl), Blendlove has something delicious for basically everyone - If you doubt us, just check out their Instagram!

The Salt Mill | Currumbin & Kingscliffe

Is there any better way to start your day than with an Acai Bowl in hand over-looking our beautiful Currumbin Beach? I didn't think so. Creating primarily raw slices and super Instagrammable Acai Bowls, The Salt Mill has a simple, understated elegance that seeps out into its food, serving up beautiful Acai Bowls full of fresh fruit to help you start the day right. With the option for takeaway, you can totally grab one of these and watch the sun rise on the beach, but we'd recommend dining in, if for no other reason than to have Acai served in half a Coconut shell - We think it tastes better that way anyway!

Helen's Heavenly Bulk Foods | Burleigh Heads

Ok, so I know what you're thinking - Isn't this just a bulk food store? Well, yes, but they also do pretty incredible Acai Bowls, and you'll be pretty disappointed if you miss out! One of the first places to stock Acai on the Coast, customers travel from far and wide to grab one of Helen's Acai Bowls, made with in-store ingredients to create a seriously amazing Acai Bowl! The staff at Helen's aren't afraid to get creative with their Acai Bowls either - They've even whipped up a PB & J Bowl, and it's seriously to die for!

Social Brew Burleigh | Burleigh Heads & Paradise Point

We're all about brunching surrounded by plants, and where better to go than Social Brew? Serving up all of our favourites in the form of Salmon Fritters, Eggs Benny's, Smashed Avo and of course their signature Acai Bowls, Social Brew is the perfect place to go for your next gals brunch. Start the day off with a coffee among the plants before digging into one of their Acai Bowls - Covered in Coconut, fresh fruit and real flowers - Then finish it off with a walk along Paradise Point Esplanade or Burleigh Beach! I can't think of any better way to spend Saturday morning... Can you?

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