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Coolest & Cruisiest Whale Watching Hot Spots

Binoculars on Boats to catch some Blowholes

Coolest & Cruisiest Whale Watching Hot Spots

With winter on the way, whale watching season coming to your nearby bays. Here’s our guide to getting to see a humpback’s big blowhole spray.


Hervey Bay | Spirit of Hervey Bay

Whale Watching Season [May – November]

Hervey Bay, around 300 kilometres north of Brisbane, is one of Queensland best places to hunt for humpbacks. The humpbacks stop in Hervey Bay to breed and nurse their little ones. To check out these babies and their families splash around, check out Spirit of Hervey Bay tours and cruises. Hervey Bay holds an annual festival celebrating and welcoming the arrival of the humpbacks with live music, street parades and displays. Tackle whale watching at Hervey Bay with your bae.

Tangalooma | Tangalooma Whale Watching

Whale Watching Season [June – October]

Over in Tangalooma, there have been reports of 33,000 whales passing the island in the last season, the chances of seeing the beautiful creatures skyrocketing! Each year there has been a 10% increase in whales meaning there’s no chance you’ll walk away without spotting the big blues! Check out how to sip, stay and swim with the whales at Tangalooma here!

Great Barrier Reef | Spirit of Freedom

Whale Watching Season [June – July]

If you’re up north this whale watching season, make sure to head over to our beautiful Great Barrier Reef! You get the awesome opportunity to jump on in with the big humps and playful minke’s aboard the Spirit of Freedom tour to the Ribbon Reef.

Gold Coast | SeaWorld

Whale Watching Season [June – October]

Our home happens to be nicknamed the ‘humpback highway’ – meaning we’re right in the midst of a bunch of humps … and we don’t mean lady humps ;) There are various tours across the coast that offer the best views of nature’s largest! Check out SeaWorld's cruises and tours

New South Wales

Jervis Bay | Jervis Bay Whale Watching & Dolphin Cruises

Whale Watching Season [May - late November]

Heading down to NSW this whale watching season? Well, Jervis Bay is definitely calling your name. A three-hour drive south of Sydney, we’re nearly certain you’ll spot a few sprays up on the bay, especially if you check out Jervis Bay Whale Watching & Dolphin Cruises.

Sapphire Coast | Merimbula Marina

Whale Watching Season [May - late November]

Another three and a half hours even further south to Merimbula on the stunning Sapphire Coast, Merimbula Marina offers cruises all season ‘round, meaning there’s a huge chance you’ll catch a good glance at the graceful sea creatures.


Warrnambool | Whale Watching Platforms

Whale Watching Season: [May – September]

A three-hour drive out of Melbourne down The Great Ocean Road and you’ll find yourself a nursery full of some southern right whale calves. The sub-Antarctic locals are here to build their strength before the long journey home. The sand dunes and Whale Watching Platforms will be jam-packed while mothers and their babies interact.

Cape Nelson near Portland | Southern Coast Charters

Whale Watching Season: [May – September]

A further one and half hours along The Great Ocean Road, you’ll be able to catch the largest and one of the rarest whales in their last feeding month. Jumping on a cruise with Southern Coast Charters will be a treat if you want to get up close and personal with humpback whales, southern right whales, bottlenose dolphins and you’ll just want to squeal when you see the Australian fur seals.

South Australia

Fleurieu Peninsula | The Big Duck Boat Tour

Whale Watching Season: [June - September]

Pack your whale watching paraphernalia and head over in South Australia to the Fleurieu Peninsula to catch some southern right whales playing out in the waters! Book The Big Duck Boat Tour to get an amazing view of some big playful whales.

Western Australia

Albany | Whale World

Whale Watching Season: [June – November]

Southern right whales take shelter in Albany’s bays to breed and have their children before going back home; south. You can catch these beautiful babies along the coastline, and why not check out the interactive museum, located in a former whaling station, Whale World? It’s filled with fun and educational activities for everyone, so make sure to get it all done.


Freycinet Peninsula | Wineglass Bay Cruises

Whale Watching Season: [May - July, September – December]

On Tasmania’s east coast, humpback and southern right whales will be spotted easily, and the waters of Great Oyster Bay off the Freycinet Peninsula are clear conveniently. To check them out on the water, Wineglass Bay Cruises are undeniably the right choice!

International Hot Spots

If you’re heading overseas this year, but don’t want to miss out on whale watching season, don’t stress, we’re here to impress. Here’s our top pick of international whale watching hot spots!

Vancouver Island, Canada

With 20,000 whales passing through these waters yearly – this area is well known for having the most studied pods in the world, at the sight of them all, you’ll just want to twirl and twirl.

Québec, Canada

Blue, fin, minke, belugas, and humpback you name is, Québec doesn’t lack. There are three currents that collide near Tadoussac in the Gulf of St Lawrence’s mouth, stimulating plankton development and providing a veritable feast for whales, meaning this place is decked out with outrageously beautiful whales.


The feeding grounds in the North Atlantic are outstanding which means the minke, humpback, blue, sperm, sei whales won’t be slack on making an appearance. There are multiple tours and cruises that explore these oceans so get your plans to Iceland in motion!


The steep underwater drop-offs on the west coast create the perfect sheltered bays for sperm whales to breed and calve, therefore, there is no shortage of the sea creatures. Along the way, some humpback, short-finned pilot, false killer, melon head and pygmy sperm whales will make some features.

Swimming with the big guys: Majestic Whale Encounters

Is swimming with whales on your bucket list? Well Majestic Whale Encounters, an eco-travel company, has just ticked this off of it! There will be tours in Norway for a chance to swim with orca’s, along Tonga and Tahiti! In the latter, you’ll be able to dive into the water with humpback whales, it’ll be totally off the rails!

Carmen and Sarah, co-founders of Majestic Whale Encounters, a family run business, are lively environmentalists, both having spent their careers working with animals. Their commitment to conservation and eco-tourism is key to the running of Majestic Whale Encounters, which offers the incredible opportunity to get up close and personal with these amazing animals around the planet.

If whale watching and swimming with these incredible creatures in on your bucket list, consider it ticked off! With our guide to the best hot spots at home in internationally, you'll have no reason not to get out the binoculars, hope on a whale watching tour boat to catch some Blowholes!