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GC Word on the Street #110

Sips, Seafood & Shows!

GC Word on the Street #110

Well hello there, welcome back! Are you looking for a new place to hang out with mates, a new place to eat, or something to keep you occupied over the Christmas period? We'll we've got just the thing for you! Sip in style at the newly re-opened The Broadbeach, or grab a bib and tuck into some seafood at Marina Mirage's new Pop-Up Restaurant. Looking for an after dinner show? Head to Australian Outback Spectacular or The Star Gold Coast! Between fresh bars, pop-up restaurants and plenty of brand new shows, this week we've got it all!

Heartland | Australian Outback Spectacular

There's nothing more Aussie than a show at the Australian Outback Spectacular - And they've just released a brand new one! Following the true story of Australian characters Reg and Marge, you'll be touched by their struggles as you walk alongside them experiencing a severe five-year drought, detailing the struggles that they go through to survive and friendships longer and stronger than any drought. Priced at $100 per ticket, you'll be treated to an indulgent three-course meal with drinks included throughout the show (no getting up required!), but if you really want to treat yourself, don't be afraid to go all out with the Drovers Lounge - After all, it is the season to splurge!

The Broadbeach | Broadbeach Oasis Centre

We have no shortage of places to drink beer on the Gold Coast - But why would you pick anywhere else when you can drink beer by the beach at the newly renovated The Broadbeach? Complete with wood finishings and plenty of comfy couches, it would be easy to spend the evening sipping craft beer and cocktails with friends in this brand new space - So why not?
PS: Did we mention that you've got the chance to win a free drink and meal for a whole year at their Housewarming Party? We'll see you there!

ABBA Show | Dec 28 - 31st @ The Star Gold Coast

Break out your feather boas and your dancing shoes - The world's premiere ABBA Show is coming to the Gold Coast for four incredible nights of shows! Bringing with them all of the dance moves, outfits, and mannerisms of the original band, The ABBA Show will take you straight back to your dancing queen days, with two and a half hours of ABBAsolutely fABBAulous dancing, music and fun! Can you remember being young and sweet, only seventeen, and dancing the night away to all of your favourite ABBA tunes? Well let's finish off 2018 by doing it all over again!

Seafood Pop-Up Restaurant | King Crab Co @ Marina Mirage

When someone tells us about a Seafood Restaurant, we think fine dining in a candle-lit room with live music and specialty paired wines - This isn't one of those places, but let me tell you, it's still pretty dang good. Hanging around for the next six months or so in Marina Mirage, King Crab Co is known for its messy and very hands-on approach to eating seafood, serving up whole crabs, prawns, bugs and more for you to crack into and enjoy. Grab a bib and choose your weapon of choice (a mallet, pick and cracker is recommended), then dig in and enjoy all of the fresh seafood that you can get your hands onto. Still hungry after all that? Why not treat yourself to dessert as well!

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