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GC Word On The Street #176

Checkin' out the new kids on the block

GC Word On The Street #176

📷 Kelly Sikkema

It's been a hot minute hey! Miss us yet? We have been working behind the scenes to bring you guys the fresh and coolest places to hit down at GC, you really wouldn't wanna miss this one! From music performances to booking your next staycay at Komune GC - serving you Mediterranean vibes! You are in for a treat!

📷 Kamil Feczko


Bustling with great art and shaking off the winter blues UPSPRING! The one-stop festival that has got programmes lined up for you through this festive season! UPSPRING literally has an event for everyone, from live music performances to thrilling acrobatic shows! Not only that, UPSPRING also celebrates love, holding a queer film festival, exploring a series of films that reveals the diversity of LGBTIQ+ culture and experience! Get your bums off the couch and book your tickets now! Reveal in the beauty of the arts!

📷 The Weekend Edition GC

Ms Margot's Bar and Eats

Constantly searching for new bars and eateries to hit up? Peep at Ms Margot's Bar and Eats located at the heart of surfers paradise! The perfect place to get your fuel after riding the waves with ya mates! The classic coastal vibes overlooking the beach will promise you the best instagrammable shots for the gram! If you are feeling fancy, grab a cheeky drink to end the night off with a bang! Ms Margot's Bar and Eats always promises a good time, you bet!

📷 Komune Gold Coast

Komune Gold Coast

Who can say no to a staycay am I right? Komune Gold Coast is serving you dreamy European vibes with their new relaunch of hotel! Eating till your hearts content from Adelaide's finest chefs and sipping on your fancy cocktails made by their in-house cocktail manager who has experience working in Manhattan's finest! If crowds are not your thing, book a private penthouse that overlooks the ocean, the absolute perfect date night! Perfect location, perfect ambience- you are welcome!

📷 Ocean 4218 Facebook

Ocean 4218 Cafe

Bringing you healthy made delicious foods! To all you health junkies out there, you wouldn't want to miss out on this! Indulging in a perfect smoothie or acai bowl after your morning runs along the beach or even if you are finding a new cozy spot to chill out! This family run cafe will be your home away from home! Now that our little cozy secret is out, you know where to find us! Taking life one acai at a time!

Well we have given you all the hot places, I guess your weekend plans are pretty much set then? See you later alligator!