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GC Word On The Street #177

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GC Word On The Street #177

We’re back! Sorry we’ve been away. But there’s been a lot of movement all over the GC these past few weeks, and we’re here to give you the goss on what’s going on and where you need to go. Strap in, because this is a bit all over the place in the best way possible.

Jurassic Creatures

First off, something for the kids. Wander through some of the coolest dinosaur animatronics you’ve ever seen, learn a little and let the kids dig their own fossils this school holidays. Here until the end of January, this experience is up in Robina and it’s perfect for a day out, maybe paired with the 100th viewing of Jurassic Park. Dinosaurs never go out of style.

Salacia Waters

But what do you do when the kids are done for the day? You go out for a nice meal, that’s what! Salacia Waters, a newly opened restaurant down at Paradise Point, is just chill enough to be cool, just fancy enough to be luxe. It’s the perfect balance all set on a boardwalk overlooking the beautiful Paradise Point waterfront. Try the prawns, they’re to die for!

Pink Flamingo

This is not just a nightclub. It’s a show, it’s a bar, it’s an experience. Think Dracula’s but instead of spooky the tone is fully fabulous, fully Vegas, and just super fun. Grab a few friends, watch the burlesque play out in front of you and marvel at the performances. Hell, buy into the VIP experience for a cast photo and truly embrace the camp of it all. Just remember to not spill your bubbly on the performers!

We gave you the directions, now you take the wheel. We’re not Jesus! Have a blast this summer with these tips, and if you missed it, try some of our other openings you might have missed in 2020. Have a good one!

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