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GC Word on the Street #43

Vibrations, vistas, vintage!

GC Word on the Street #43

Whether you’re a rage-moshing party animal or a cocktail-fuelled dance star, your weekend outlet awaits. Hit the bar and air guitar until Monday wraps her honeyed fingers back around you.

The Murlocs | Miami Shark Bar

Following the release of The Murlocs third album Old Locomotive on July 28th, this show is bound to kick off with blistering energy and climax into a sweltering, sweaty mess. Expect to cop a shoe or two to the head as Murloc-maniacs crowd surf through the salty space. Don’t like dirty boots and pinched fingers? Clamber up the arms of strangers and let them throw you up and down to the heavy beat. A stand against the death of rock n roll rich with harmonica licks and face melting guitar.

Winter Warmer Sessions | Cabana Bar & Lounge

As the weather turns down, Cabana bar turns up, helping you spice up your Sundays with playful cocktails and sweet accoustic tunes. Martini glasses house lamington, pavlova and chilli concoctions that punch you straight in the tastebuds. Drink enough and you might just move across the room smoother than Swayze, as toe-tapping live bands pull you from your seat. You could complain that the night is nippy outside, or you could down a nip of the double black vodka shot: Heats You Up. Choose your own adventure.

The Village Markets | Burleigh Heads State School

The first and third Sunday of every month call for a hum of insta-worthy food and fashion. You can pick up everything you need at this treasure trove, from handmade jewellery to cartoonistic t-shirts. Sniff out the vintage denim and Harley tees and lure your dude out of the house with hot dogs and trendy patches. This market is for more than chicks. It wouldn’t be complete without live music, as guitar melodies saunter between the stalls.

Cracker Night Fireworks Extravaganza | Seagulls Club

We’re fired up! Art stalls, food and fireworks will pull you down here, but wacky fire-juggling, balloon-stuffing entertainment will make you second guess your decision. If your childhood dreams included magical ponies, face painting, jumping castles and foam gladiator duals… no seriously, we’ve found it all in one place. Stick around to catch the fireworks spectacular over the Terranora Broadwater and know that it was worth it after all.

Varsity Winterfest | Varsity Lakes

As Varsity Lakes third annual Winterfest, a mix of events is set to include everyone from business people to families, reflecting the business sector, sporting community, buzzing cafes and restaurants. Too cold for Aussies, but not cold enough to be classified winter, this is maybe your only excuse to bust out that expensive winter coat maturing in your closet. The event runs over ten days and features music, film, theatre and food, wrapped in the crisp lakes of Varsity.

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Jamie-Lee Rowley

Jamie-Lee Rowley

I’m a creative-visualist that loves bees, beers and devouring well-written books. A 70s babe, born in the 90s. I appreciate marmalade skies, write poems exploring female sexuality and equality and walk barefoot along off-beaten tracks. You’ll find me searching through vintage stalls, staring at obscure art, helping out at local markets, crowd surfing at live music events and sampling every acai the coast has to offer. As a certified Nutritional Therapist, I advocate sustainable living in the sun, the salt and the studio, a statue in Warrior II.