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Gold Coast Farm Adventures

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Gold Coast Farm Adventures

Get mooving this weekend by checking out some of the farms you can easily drive to from the Gold Coast. There's cows, deer, alpacas, and sunflowers all within your reach. Grab the kids, pack a picnic, and head to one of these farms next weekend!

Lyell Deer Sanctuary

The Lyell Deer Sanctuary lets you hand feed deer and sit around afterwards to have a picnic. Most of the deer at the farm have been rescued for various reasons. The owners of Lyell Deer Sanctuary are kind and welcoming, and always willing to educate visitors.

Farm and Co

On a nice sunny day, when the sunflowers are blooming, skipping down the paths of the sunflower fields feels like the best cure for happiness. You quite literally feel like you're walking on sunshine. After you’re done frolicking, taking photos, and clipping your very own sunflowers, head to the cute little café on the farm.

The Farm Byron Bay

One of the most popular attractions in Byron Bay, The Farm is a working farm that allows visitors to visit and be educated about farmers' working lives. There are chickens, pigs, and cattle that are sure to keep the children occupied. A great weekend trip when you're sick of the kids complaining that they're bored!

Mountview Alpaca Farm

What could be better than walking around and taking selfies with fluffy alpacas? For a small price, you can have fun walking an alpaca for half an hour around the grounds of the farm. Afterwards, stay and sit by the creek to enjoy a picnic. Bring your own or order one through them.

Farm life is serene. It's peaceful. It's natural. So sometimes, in the busy, go getter city life you probably live, it's nice to take a few hours, smell grass, and remember your roots. Also animals are cute and fresh fruit and vege is nice too. Enjoy yourself at the farm!

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Camille Brandon

Living on the Gold Coast her whole life, she has a lot of hot tips and secret places to share with the public (if they’re lucky). During the week, when she’s not holed up in her room studying, you’ll find her brunching at cute cafes, trying to get a tan at the beach or playing soccer. On the weekend you’ll most often find her at a photoshoot, behind the lens, practising her passion for photography. She’s well-travelled, with 23 countries up her sleeve already and hopes to continue ticking countries off the list over the years to come.