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Hey Big Spender!

Money-smart tips to help you post COVID-19

Hey Big Spender!

Restrictions are starting to ease up and we’re slowly on our way to returning to normal life (or should we say, a somewhat normal life!) – We’re just as keen as you are to go back to our daily ritual of dining in at our local café for a smashed avo breakfast and hitting the town with our mates, downing over-priced cocktails. Though we miss our ‘non-essential’ way of living, this pandemic has been an eye-opener for many things – such as the need to be money smart! Here are some general tips that will help you cut back on non-essential spending post-COVID-19!


‘Treat yourself!’… Who else often takes this expression to the extreme and uses it to justify unnecessary spending? (Guilty!) Since the outside world is starting to open back up, we know non-essential spending will be tempting, but it’s important to maintain priorities when it comes to money. Next time you’re out shopping whether it’s for groceries or home essentials, never go without a plan! Make a list of necessary items and stick to it! Being focused on only the things you need will give you purpose, preventing you from overspending and reaching for something you truly don’t even need!


Whether big or small, any goal you set contributes to bettering yourself and improving your life. Same goes for money-saving goals, though we know it’s easier said than done! Setting manageable goals is a great way to lead you to where you want to be. Start with setting up smaller saving goals by allocating a slice of your income to put into your savings account each week. If by some time you’re able to increase the amount you add to your savings, then all power to you! Think of saving as investing in yourself, every and any progress is a dang good achievement!


Having a clear vision on what you want to achieve saving-wise both short term and long term will assist you in making spending choices that you won’t regret! Learning what to say ‘no’ to by deciding what you are willing to say ‘yes’ to allows you to regain a sense of control and will help you stay focused on your priorities. So, if that means making daily sacrifices such as skipping out on your second $7 coffee for the day, then that’s just the way it’s gotta be! Celebrate the small wins as they mean just as much!


We totally understand… being a penny pincher and restricting yourself from things that make you feel good is no fun. After all, once COVID-19 passes, there’s no doubt we’ll all be wanting to spend our time out and about to make up for all the time in isolation, that’s why it’s important to try and find a balance between saving and indulging. If eating out a nice restaurant biweekly is something that keeps you sane and happy then go for it! Saving doesn’t have to be all work and no play, all you need is to do is budget for how much you can spend on expenses that are for your leisure! We all deserve to enjoy the many pleasures that life has to offer, just work out a balance that ensures you don't steer off track towards your goals!

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Stephanie-jane Felias

Stephanie-jane Felias

Steph craves nothing more than the finer things in life – all things artistry, beauty, luxury and comfort. She is the true embodiment of big Taurus energy. Ruled by the love planet Venus, she finds pleasure in anything that excites her senses - succulent food, lavish aesthetics, rnb music and sweet scents. She doesn’t even need Netflix to chill as she reflects her earthy nature by enjoying serenity and is content in the comfort of her home. She loooves to let her hair down, have a good time and channels her inner-Beyoncé whenever she needs!