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Sweat it out in a variety of ways to get in shape for 2021!


Exercise can seem so daunting, particularly when it’s paired with a New Years resolution. But there’s so many ways to move, and it doesn’t need to be miserable to be effective. Here are 20 fun, exciting, and downright enjoyable ways to break a sweat and get the body of your dreams.

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Nature Walks

Walking is one of the best things you can do for your health, one of the easiest and one of the most enjoyable. It can be particularly enjoyable in nature, so for tip number one, we suggest taking a few hours to wander through a national part and just enjoy the sights and sounds of nature. Mount Tamborine has some beautiful spots and for Gold Coast locals is a must.

Rock Climbing

For the more adventurous among us, rock climbing is the next level from a nature walk. Not only is it physically taxing, but you get the added benefit of looking out from on high at the beauty surrounding you, like the lions in The Lion King.


Swimming is inherently Australian, and it doesn’t matter if we didn’t invent the concept, it’s simply true. So why not make an effort to swim every day and let that be your workout? Fun, simple and surprisingly effective.

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Dance Classes

Dancing the language of passion and you should get passionate about dancing. It’s hard to realise you’re actually doing pretty intense cardio when you’re trying to remember the foot combination while waving your arms in ways that feel ridiculous but look fantastic. It’s just a lot of fun in the end.


The term “high intensity interval training” sounds daunting, until you realise it’s just cardio done in bursts. With plenty of workouts online to try at home you really can’t go wrong. Just throw one up on the tv and let it flow.

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Roller Skating

There’s a retro thing always going on, and roller skating has quickly become a trendy hobby to pick up that also happens to be a great way to keep active.

Mobility Workouts

Your range of motion is incredibly important. How else will you reach for the remote without leaving the couch? Mobility workouts are simple, easy and incredibly effective at maintaining flexibility, which is important, and will help you reach your toes, which is impressive.

Pole Dancing

Pole dancing is hard work. Its strength, its cardio, its performance. Did you see Hustlers? We want a body like JLo and this might be the only way to that.

📷: Eric Nopanen


For those that don’t want to perform but like the idea of dancing for exercise, Zumba takes the pressure off. There’s no chance of anything but breaking a sweat and that’s the whole point anyway.

Bike Riding

Even if you haven’t ridden a bike since high school, the old adage goes that you probably haven’t forgotten yet. The Gold Coast has some amazing bike tracks and even just going from your house to the supermarket for that bottle of milk you need will be a step in the right direction.


How does it sound to be able to do a pull up? Or swing around one of those frames you see in the park that don’t look like real workout equipment? Calisthenics is for you then!

📷: Julia Ballew


Yoga is restorative, peaceful and, most importantly, cheap. With dozens of free or low cost classes held across almost every park and community centre in Australia, there’s nothing holding you back from total enlightenment and a good workout.


Release your aggression, learn to defend yourself and get fit with only one activity? Boxing offers all that while also just sounding cool when you tell people about it.

Jane Fonda Workout Tapes

No longer just on VHS, but the available online for free, you can follow the workouts that kept people taunt and tight all through the 80’s. If roller skating can come back, so can Jane Fonda! Although did she ever leave our hearts?


Not nearly as trendy or fun sounding as many of the options that have come up so far, but weightlifting offers not just results, but achievement. Your arms will look great and you’ll be able to throw a small boulder an impressive distance. The only drawback is being the first call for help with moving.


This is the sport for those who want to win, but don’t want to enter traditional organised sport. You run, you throw, you sweat, you win.

📷: Wan San Yip


Not just for kids, jumping on a trampoline is fun for everyone, and indoor trampolining centres are an excellent way to get some airtime, build stamina and improve your balance. Plus, you can actually play dodgeball on the trampolines, which sounds like a blast or a way to kill a friendship. Your choice.

Martial Arts

Various martial arts styles from across the globe are great opportunities to combine self-defence, strength and cardio into one class a week. And there’s so many! Don’t like karate? Try Jiu Jitsu! That isn’t your cup of tea? Muay Thai might be more your style? Hell, you could even try fencing of that’s what interests you.


We all want to tumble, do the splits and cartwheel, don’t we? So why not learn how? Gymnastics is not just for kids and most gymnastics centres do offer adult courses, or have an instructor who would be interested in taking you on.

Just Running

This is last mostly because it’s obvious but also deeply unappealing until you get going. Running for exercise sounds tedious and boring, but it’s a direct and easy way to get fit. Plus, it’s absolutely free and pretty simple to implement. Even if you’re just looking to get your 30 minutes or exercise a day in, running in one direction for 15 minutes and then running back to your house is such a simple way to do it.

2021 has got to be your year! Whether you run, spin, swim or dance your way to a healthier, happier you this coming year, you can be proud of what you’re doing. We should all enjoy the ways we move and hopefully, there’s something on this lis you can get excited about. Good luck!

📷: Steven Erixon

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