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Slay The Day!

Tips & Tricks For Working From Home

Slay The Day!

It's a transition many of us have had to face this year, (thanks Covid...) WFH takes some extraaa discipline so we’re here with a few simple tips & tricks to help you slay your work/study day!

A lot of us are continuing to work remotely if we can, as with many uni students who are resuming their studies online. Though being in the comfort of your home is a dream, from one student to another, I can tell you from experience, Netflix and chillin’ in bed with your laptop isn’t the best set up for a day’s work! If you're in need of some motivation to get ish done, we're here to help!


It’s alllll in your mindset! If you get your mind right, you’ll start the day off right! A traditional office or classroom environment transports us to a productive frame of mind (most of the time!) So, it’s understandable that you won’t feel as productive in an environment you associate with relaxation and fun – your home. The best solution is to develop structure in your day by creating a workstation/office to help you get into a productive mindset. Train your mind to think that once you step foot into your home office/workstation, you're entering a space where productivity lives!


Granted, you don’t have to go all out with your suit and tie or fancy dress, but doesn’t the saying go… you look good, you feel good?! Rolling out of bed and staying in your sweats all day will most likely make you want to crawl back into your sheets and stay put. Our trick? Act as if you’re actually leaving the house to go to work/class. There’s a lot of power in fashion and what you wear, so practice your usual morning routine and put on something that makes you feel energised and confident! Instantly, you’ll feel like a boss and be ready to take on the day!


It's important to set real working hours even if you'll just be at home. Start your work/study day at the same time each day so you get into a habit of waking up on time and eventually easing into a routine. Setting a finish time is just as important as it prevents you from burning yourself out and working around the clock! Since you're in the same environment where you sleep and relax at the end of the day, you'll definitely want to distance yourself from work.


When there’s no one around to physically remind you of deadlines or to see if you're scrolling through Instagram, it’s easy to slip into the pitfall of not completing tasks. With all things, preparation is key. So, stay on top of your to-do list by preparing the tasks you need to work through each day, in order of most important. You'll want to invest in a good journal or notebook now and keep some sticky notes in reach! That feeling of accomplishment as you tick off your to-do's makes it all worth it. Trust me!


Working/studying alone is the biggest challenge, as you are literally on your own within a space of potential distractions. One thing you will learn throughout WFH is that self-discipline is your enemy AND friend! A tip to curve procrastination and improve time management is to use an app like Focus Keeper - keep your head down and focus on your work in 25min intervals with absolutely no distractions, take a quick 5min break, then repeat! Get ish done!

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Stephanie-jane Felias

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