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Spread Kindness Not Coronavirus

The Kindness Pandemic

Spread Kindness Not Coronavirus

As we face a new normal and new way of life due to the Coronavirus, we can fall into the feeling of loneliness, uncertainty and sadness. If there was ever a time to practice positivity, compassion and humanity… it’s now!

Every single day we’re bombarded with Coronavirus news. As soon as we turn on the television. As soon as we scroll through our phones. And as soon as we have a conversation with someone. It’s hard not to spend our time thinking of the pandemic almost every minute of the day. Taking a break from all the corona-talk is much needed. Wanna know the best remedy? Bombard each other with kindness instead!

This tragic time is giving us the opportunity to show each other that there is still hope in humanity. Supporting each other is so important to get us through these hardships and struggles. Showing acts of kindness – on either a small or huge scale - can make hearts smile and remind us all to stay hopeful and positive. Kindness may not make the coronavirus go away, but it will for sure enlighten our spirits during this time!

Sharing Is Caring! - Helping The Elderly

As humans, we often take basic necessities for granted – like food and yes… toilet paper. We're all aware that supermarket shelves have been empty for weeks which is worrying for those who struggle getting to the stores. While doing your grocery shop, why not call a few of your elderly family or friends beforehand, ask if they need any essentials on their shopping list and drop it off to them! This will save time and effort while also keeping those who are vulnerable as safe as possible.

If you see an elderly person at the grocery store struggling to find what they came in for, help them look for it or even look into your shopping cart and see if you can offer what they need. Lend a helping hand but of course, keep your distance!

Create A Work From Home Station

For most of us who are able to, we're staying inside and starting to work from home. If you live with someone who is currently in this situation, show your support and see if you can set up a little workstation or desk space for them that is both comfortable and practical. No doubt, this will assist in boosting productivity - making the transition to working from home a whole lot easier.

Send Care Packages

Put together a few essentials in a carry basket – canned food, snacks, basic home necessities, etc. Maybe include a sweet little note inside – sign seal and deliver it to someone you know in need of those items! It may be a friend, family member or even neighbour. We all need a little extra help at this time and it’s a thoughtful gesture to show you care.

Prepare and Share Home-cooked Meals

There’s nothing like a delicious home-cooked meal made with the secret ingredient – love! If you’re preparing a nourishing meal for your household and have a little extra to spare, you could gather the leftovers in containers and drop it off at your neighbour’s house! The way to everyone's hearts is food!

Give Thanks

All of our frontline health workers, supermarket employees, educators and every single working staff member bravely go out there to support our communities day to day during this uncertain and scary time. The next time you encounter an employee at the supermarket, show your appreciation and say a simple ‘thank you’. You might be the one person that makes their stressful and hectic work day all worth it.

Support Locals

Our most-loved local restaurants, cafes and shops have been deeply affected due to the outbreak. A quick five minutes of your time to personally message your favourite local places is a sure way for them to feel ongoing support during this sad time. Encouraging words are really powerful and can motivate our locals to come back from this better than ever!

Pick Up The Phone

When’s the last time you picked up the phone to speak with your grandparents? Or a long-distant friend? There’s no better time to let someone know you’re thinking of them, than now. A simple catch up and conversation with our loved ones may be all we need to get through the day. Talking to someone is a healthy way to manage any feelings of anxiety and loneliness when cooped up in the house. Love and human connection will always prevail above all.

And the list for acts of kindness goes on and on… We should be practicing being mindful, grateful and kind every day, but especially during this wild pandemic. Hate will make you sick, even if the virus doesn’t get to you…

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