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Stay inside and stay sanitised!

Desperate times call for desperate measures

Stay inside and stay sanitised!

Are we honestly at that phase of the corona catastrophe that we're grabbing anything in arms reach, to wear as a face mask? (Yes, yes we are!) Just like face masks, hand sanitiser has almost completely left the shelves at the supermarket. So we've come up with this DIY recipe. Perfect for those of you late to get your hands on it at the store because you’ve spent all this time trying to figure out if everyone’s overreacting or you’re underreacting…

With the world going into full frantic mode in what seems like the span of 48 hours – yes, that’s how quickly things are changing! – all hell has broken loose in pretty much every single grocery store. People are #panicpandemicbuying, leaving shelves empty of all basic necessities. It’s understandable... we’re living in a crazy time!

(Let’s get things straight, hoarding toilet paper isn’t a necessary means for survival… actually hoarding isn’t the answer, period).

Due to the corona catastrophe, there’s a shortage in the singlehandedly most important thing we actually DO need right now to survive… and that’s a trusty hand sanitiser!

Of course washing our hands is the preferred way to rid those nasty germs as fast as possible, but honestly, what are you supposed to do when there’s no water, no soap, no nothing in sight?!

Hand sanitiser does just as well at cleaning your hands and we've got you covered. We’ve come up with a DIY Hand Sanitiser concoction so that you’ll never be without one again!

Using ingredients you may already have in your home, (unless you’re out because you’re one of the last to get the #panicbuying memo) this will be an easy fix.

The simplest recipe calls for only 2 ingredients:

Isopropyl alcohol (ideally 91 or 99 percent alcohol but anything above 60 percent would work) and,

Aloe vera.

Add in an essential oil like Tea Tree which is a natural antibacterial, if you want!

Psst! Side note: We’re no expert doctors, and you should consult with your own medical professional before taking any steps when it comes to your health.

All you need to do is combine:

1 cup of rubbing alcohol,

½ cup of aloe vera and,

(at least 15 drops of essential oil).

Whisk together and voila, you have your own gel-like hand sanitiser!

We want you to protect your health (and others) as much as possible! So slip slap slop on some hand sanitiser after anything you touch, everywhere you go, and ensure to wash those hands with water and soap as soon as you're able to!

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Stephanie-jane Felias

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